Feed Technology Unit

Major Activities

  • Procurement & Analysis of Feed Ingredients:

    • Procurement Process:
    • The annual requirement of feed ingredients generated at various Divisions/Sections of the institute including Mukteshwar campus is received at F.T. Unit during the month of February-March every year. This requirement is pooled and converted into various raw ingredients (such as maize, cake, wheat bran etc.) and a consolidated requirement in the form of raw feed ingredients is prepared by F.T. Unit. The said consolidated requirement along with month wise supply schedule prepared by F.T. Unit is sent to contract section for initiating procurement process.

      The nutritional quality Parameters like Protein, Crude Fibre, Fat, Acid insoluble Ash, moisture percent for various ingredients are prepared and updated from time to time by Animal Nutrition Division. The Quality inspection and testing of various feed ingredients supplied are done by the scientists of animal nutrition division at their laboratories. The feed ingredients supplied through trucks are weighed at Weigh Bridge by a weighing committee constituted and approved by the competent Authority comprising fallowing officers:

      • I/c, L.P.M. Section
      • I/c, F.T. Unit
      • S.A.O./A.A.O (Contract Section)
    • Analysis of Feed Ingredients:
    • The sampling of various feed ingredients supplied, is done by the Grain Inspection Committee (G.I.C.) comprising of fallowing officers:

      • Principal Scientist nominated by H.D. (A.N. Division) Chairman
      • I/c, L.P.M. Section Member
      • I/c, F.T. Unit Member
      • I/c, Farm Section Member
      • Scientist nominated by H.D. (P & T Division) Member
      • S.A.O/A.A.O. Member

      The physical inspection of feed ingredients is done by the above committee and if found acceptable (by physical inspection) sample of the said ingredient is taken and sealed before the committee. The samples duly sealed and signed by the said committee are sent to Nutrition Division for laboratory analysis so as to ascertain nutritional parameters to compare them from those already fixed in our quality standards. The supplied feed ingredients are used for feed preparation only when it is found acceptable as per laboratory analysis. If any lot of feed ingredient supplied by the supplier is not found acceptable as per our quality parameters it is said to be rejected and is taken back by the supplier at his own cost. Also he supplies its replacement.

  • Preparation of concentrate feed mixture:

    Concentrate feed mixtures for different type of animals is prepared and supplied to different divisions on a daily basis. The feed mixture is prepared as per the formula provided by the concerned scientist/ division. About 60-80 quintals of such feed is prepared daily.

  • Monthly Consumption Pattern:

    • Wheat Bran : 600-700qtl. /month
    • Maize/Barley : 325-350qtl. /month
    • Cakes : 325-350qtl. /month
    • Fish Meal : 08-09qtls. /month
    • Mineral Mixture : 20-21qtls. /month
    • Salt : 16-17qtls. /month
    • Wheat : 07-08qtls. /month
    • Gram : 04 qtls. /month