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National Library of Veterinary Sciences

The IVRI Library known as National Library of Veterinary Sciences is perhaps the oldest library in this specialized area in South Asia region. The library was started as an integral part of the Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory since its foundation on December 9, 1889 in Pune. A good number of current books on Veterinary Sciences were initially purchased, besides procurement of important periodicals on Bacteriology, Pathology and Veterinary Sciences from annual recurring grant. Dr. Alfred Lingard, the Founder Head of the Laboratory, donated his personal library to this institute in 1893. The laboratory alongwith the library was shifted to Mukteswar in 1893. By 1913, there were more than 3500 volumes of books and periodicals at IVRI Library, Mukteshwar. With the gradual increase in annual library budget and equal amount of additional adhoc grant, back numbers of important periodicals were purchased in 1924. The publications in library increased to 8000 in 1927. Presently, the library at Mukteswar is having a collection (Holdings) of about 37500 numbers which include certain rare publications dating back to 1800. A branch library was built in 1901 at Kurgaina, Bareilly, which was transferred to its present site at Izatnagar and a link library was also established in Animal Nutrition Division building in 1936. After independence, the library at Izatnagar expanded rapidly. In view of growing need for space, a spacious library building was constructed and library was shifted in this new building in December, 1983. The present library building has around 3210 sq mts. area. Area of reading room is about 826 sq mts & carpet area of stack room is 1840 sq mts. The library has been using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme for classification of the publications. The Cutter’s Table is used to assign a book number to the publication. The library has seating capacity of 125 readers with two reading halls, one computer section and three stack areas.

At present library houses about 58385 books, 5787 theses, 4255 reports and 200932 journals and other serial publications. The library remains open from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. daily and from 09.00 am to 4.00 p.m. on holidays except three National Holidays, Holi and Deepwali festival. There are 140 Scientists,20 B.V.Sc. & AH, 316 M.V.Sc. & 300 Ph.D. Students and 141 other staff members registered as library members.

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