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» National Library of Veterinary Sciences

Infrastructure & Facilities

Acquisition of Publications

Library subscribes about 55 foreign journals and 70 Indian journals on the various aspects of veterinary and allied sciences. Some of the foreign journals are subscribed in Print as well as Online. Library purchases new and latest books each and every year.

Library Automation

The library has been using KOHA Library Management Software and is being used on LAN. The books, theses, bound volumes of journals and other publications are bar-coded. The bar-coded photo Identity cards are provided to the library members. The automated circulation of publications is done using laser bar-code reader.


The Ph.D. theses available in the library have been digitized in PDF form and available for use on computers. Some of the rare and valuable publications available at Mukteshwar and Izatnagar libraries have also been digitized. Moreover this library is acting as a consortia partner under the NAIP project entitled “Strengthening of Digital Library and Information Management under NARS (e-Granth).

CD-ROM Services

A CD-Mirror Hybrid Server is being used for CD-ROM services and the service is being provided on LAN. The various databases i.e. Agris CD, Beast CD, Biological Abstracts, Biotechnology Abstracts, FSTA, Medline Express and Vet CD databases are available on CD Mirror Server. Users are trained for using the CD-ROM services themselves. Revenue is generated for the institute by providing printouts of CD-ROM databases to the users. Besides, printouts of references/articles are provided by post to scientists and students on their requisition received from various parts of the country at nominal charge basis.

Resource Management

Thousands of users consult the library each year and thousands of publications are issued on loan to the members. Besides, a large number of students and scientists from various outside institutions and SAUs consult the library. The library provides inter-library loan services and inter-library exchange services. Translation services are provided through INSDOC, New Delhi

Membership of CeRA

This library is a member of CeRA, a consortium for e-resources in agriculture, set up under NAIP, ICAR alongwith other institute and SAU libraries. Necessary services are being exchanged with the member libraries under the consortium including Document Delivery Service. The scientists and students of the institute are accessing thousands of online journals of publishers i.e. Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Annual Review Inc. etc. being provided under CeRA.

Reprography Services

Photocopy facilities is also provided charging nominal charges in the Reading Hall itself. However, the library also provides this service to scientists and students on their requisition received from various parts of the country at nominal charge basis.

E-mail & Internet Facilities

Library has been providing E-mail & Internet facilities on 24 terminals to its users. This facilitates the users to access world wide information.

Auditorium Services

The air-conditioned auditorium of the library is being maintained and many functions/programmes of Institute as well as of other government and private organizations are organized from time to time in the auditorium.

Electronic Surveillance

Digital Video Recording based Close Circuit TV system with 24 cameras is being used in the various sections of the library for electronic surveillance.

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