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» National Library of Veterinary Sciences

Salient Achievements

  • The Library at present houses more than 2,50,000 highly specialized reading materials, in the form of books, monographs, reference works, journals, published data, bulletins, reviews, advances, reports, pamphlets, theses, reprints and micro-documents, having 122 reading seating capacity. Area of the library around 3210 sq mts,. Area of reading room is about 826 sq mts & carpet area of stack room is 1840 sq mts,. This library is opted open access system for the users. Dewey Decimal classification scheme is adopted for library documents.
  • The Library subscribes each year about 55 foreign and 70 Indian journals.
  • The Library provides Inter-Library Loan services, lending, reference and guidance services.
  • Facility for information access and retrieval from CD-ROM databases using Hybrid Image server.
  • The Library is subscribing BEAST, VET, BIOTECHNOLOGY ABST.databases on CD-ROM.
  • Library services are fully automated using LIBSYS Automation Software.
  • A revenue of approx. Rs. 1.00 lakh per year is being generated for the institute by providing Xeroxing, CD-ROM and Auditorium facilities.
  • The Library provides Internet facilities to its users to access world wide information.
  • On line access of the various journals is provided to the users.
  • The Ph.D. theses are available in digitized form for use on computers.
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