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Scientist Profile

Dr. A K Garg
Ph.D(Animal Nutrition)
Joint Director,
Joint Directorate Extension,

Telephone: 0581-2586007
Mobile No.: 9412192617

Field of Specialization Animal Nutrition Division Total Research Papers 100
No. Patents Granted / Filed 3 Total No. of Book / Manual 10
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 10 No. of PhD Student Guided 9
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 0 Present Numberof PhD Student 1

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Shinde, P.L., Dass, R.S. and Garg, A.K. (2009). Effect of vitamin E and selenium supplementation on blood biochemical and thyroid hormones status in male buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) calves. Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, 18: 241-256.
  • Kumar, N., Garg, A.K., Dass, R.S., Chaturvedi, V.K. and Varshney, V.P. (2009). Selenium supplementation influences growth performance, antioxidant status and immune response in lambs. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 153: 77–87.
  • Gendley. M.K., Singh, P., Garg, A.K., Tiwari, S.P., Kumari, K. and Dutta, G.K. (2009). The studies on nutrient balances in crossbred cattle bulls fed chopped green sugarcane tops supplemented with some agro-industrial by-products. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 41(6): 943-949.
  • Chaudhary, M., Garg, A.K., Mittal, G.K. and Mudgal, V. (2010). Effect of organic selenium supplementation on growth, Se uptake and nutrient utilization in guinea pigs. Biological Trace Element Research, 133: 217–226.
  • Sahoo, A., Garg, A.K., Arora, B.M. and Pathak, N.N. (2010). Intake and utilization of sorghum and maize green fodder in spotted deer under captivity. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 42 (7): 1405- 1412.
  • Mudgal, V., Garg A.K., Dass, R.S., and Varshney, V.P. (2012). Effect of selenium, zinc, and copper supplementation on blood metabolic profile in male buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) calves. Biological Trace Element Research, 145: 304-311.
  • Mohanta, R.K., Garg, A.K. and Dass, R.S. 2015. Effect of vitamin E supplementation on arsenic induced alteration in blood biochemical profile, oxidant/antioxidant status, serum cortisol level and retention of arsenic and selenium in goats.Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. 29: 188-194.
  • Raju, J., Sahoo, B., Chandrakar, A., Sankar, M., Garg, A.K., Sharma, A.K., Pandey, A.B. (2015). Effect of feeding oak leaves (Quercus semecarpifolia Vs Quercus leucotricophora) on nutrient utilization, growth performance and gastro intestinal nematodes of goats in temperate sub Himalayas. Small Ruminant Research. 125:1-9
  • Waghmare, Sanjivani, Dass, R.S., Garg, A.K., Mohanta, R.K. and Dhayagude, RS (2014). Effect of copper methionine supplementation on growth rate and nutrient utilization in male goat kids. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition. 31: 44-48.
  • Dhayagude, R.S., Garg A.K. and Dass, R.S. (2014). Effect of addition of certain antioxidants on the metabolism of cadmium and other nutrients in dietary cadmium exposed guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus). Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, 14(1): 51-58

Technologies Developed

  • Utilization of sugarcane bagasse as cattle feed.
  • Strategic mineral supplementation in sugarcane top fed animals
  • Making neem seed cake suitable for animal feeding.
  • Development of grainless diets for sheep.
  • Identification of suitable cultivated fodders and feeds for wild animals in captivity.


  • James Warner Gold Medal
  • Fellow, Animal Nutrition Association of India
  • Govansh Seva Samman by Prikriti Bharati, Lucknow
  • Member, Executive Body/ Governing Body, PDDU Vet. University, Mathura, UP
  • Member, Institute Management Committee, National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal
  • Member, Board of Studies, Faculty of Vet. Sci. & Animal Husbandry, AAI Deemed Univ., Allahabad


  • Animal Nutrition Association
  • Animal Nutrition Society of India

Ongoing Projects

  • Studies on the utilization of nano particles of selenium and zinc to improve performance of the animals
  • Impact of seasonal variations and pollution load on aquatic environment and fish farming at micro level in different aquatic zones of Rohilkhand
  • Nutritional and physiological approaches for enhancing reproductive performance in cattle and buffalo (AICRP)
  • Nano formulations of Selenium and zinc as functional feed supplementsto improve helath and productivity of animals
  • Impact of seasonal variations and pollution load on aquatic environment and fish farming at microlevel in different aquatic zones of river Ramganga