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» ATIC initiates “Mobile ATIC Van” facility

Mobile ATIC Van Facility

The mandate of ATIC is to function as a single window system for farmers where they can have access to various technologies, products and farm literature of the institute as well as get their problems solved by the experts of the institute. Many times farmers are unable to utilize this facility at the institute because of transport problems etc. This prompted IVRI to start a Mobile ATIC Van facility from the institute to various far flung villages in and around Bareilly district from 22nd September, 2010. This Mobile ATIC Van was provided thrice in a week to popularise the technologies developed by the institute and to sell the products like Olinall, ASMM and UMMB and farm literature at the door step of the farmers. This novel idea was a stupendous success among livestock owners who took it to their heart.

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