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  1. Information system for farmers in Hindi on “Pashudhan avum Kukkut rog Suchna pranali”(PAKRSP).
    Features : Majority of the livestock and poultry diseases in our country occur due to the ignorance and lack of awareness of the livestock owners about the important livestock diseases , their symptoms ,prevention and control measures. This software has been developed for 78 most important diseases of the livestock and poultry prevalent in the country and nine common package of practices. The system is in hindi language and would vater to the whole of the country, with voice back up, animations and photo and line diagrams. The CD will be very useful for the farmers rearing the livestock and poultry and would help them provide primary aid for most of the ailments, and would also help in disease identification, its prevention, control.

  2. Software for students and professionals in English on “Livestock and poultry disease information system” (LPDIS).
    Features : This CD has been developed for most of the livestock diseases prevalent in the country. The system is in English with voice back up, animations and photo and line diagrams. The system will be very useful for the students and veterinary professional dealing with the livestock and poultry disease treatment, for disease identification, its prevention, control and for providing proper and timely treatment. In fact it will act as an expert system for the professionals in need of advise. This system can be also used by the trainers for training progrmammes.

  3. CD for farmers in Marathi on “Health information system” for dairy animals.
    Features : The above mentioned software includes detailed information related to important diseases of the dairy animals for which the dairy owners need information (as revealed in the need assessment study). Based on their needs this computer based system was developed. With the help of this system even the illiterate farmer can obtain information since it incorporates voice backup alongwith still photographs and animations. The use of this software through the computers installed in the Panchayat offices or in the milk cooperative centres in the villages has proven very effective.

  4. CD for farmers in Hindi based on the frequently asked queries with search engine entitled “ Digital Pashuswasthya avum Pashupalan Prashnottri”.
    Features : It is a digital system developed in farmer’s own language (Hindi) for frequently asked question (five hundred) on animal husbandry and veterinary science and is a well-understood solution to address the farmer problem. This system provides two primary functions: to provide a web interface to access the database under different section wise and second primary function is that user can search the topic by entering the keywords.

  5. Goat Health Management Information system (GHMIS).
    Features : This is a new need based information system developed recently by the institute for educating the goat owners on various health issues. This is multilingual software in three languages: English, Hindi and Bangla and can be procured from the institute. The goat owners can learn about various diseases of goats, the symptoms of healthy and sick animals, vaccination schedule of goats and their deworming schedule. The system is backed up with the language specific audio, text and good quality visuals to impart the goat health related information in an attention-grabbing manner.


  • Video CD on Scientific swine management (SSMV) in Hindi and English.
  • Video CD on Integrated farming system (MTMIFS) in English and Tamil.
  • Audio CDs on Livestock diseases –Part-I, Livestock Diseases, Part-II and Neonatal calf management.
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