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24th Annual Conference on Agriculture for Nutrition Security 15-17 Dec,2016 at ICAR-IVRI,Izatnagar.

Date Of Start: 12/15/2016 Durtation: 3 Days
Co-ordinator: Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Pr. Scientist and HD, Sponsoring Agency: ICAR-IVRI,Izatnagar
Contact: Dr. D. Bardhan,
Sr. Scientist,,
Livestock Economics, Statistics & Information Technology, ICAR-IVRI,Izatnagar
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Antibiotic resistance: a threat to livestock and public health at ICAR-IVRI,ERS,Kolkata on 5th September, 2015

Date Of Start: 9/5/2015 Durtation: 1 Day
Co-ordinator: ICAR-IVRI, ERS, Kolkata Sponsoring Agency: ICAR-IVRI,Kolkata
Contact: ICAR-IVRI, ERS, Kolkata,
IVRI Kolkata, ICAR-IVRI, ERS, Kolkata

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Laboratory Diagnosis of Animal Diseases and Zoonoses at ERS,ICAR-IVRI,Kolkata on 01 to 08 September,2015

Date Of Start: 9/1/2015 Durtation: 8 Days
Co-ordinator: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Principal Scientist Sponsoring Agency: ICAR-IVRI,Kolkata
Contact: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bandyopadhyay,
Principal Scientist,
IVRI Kolkata, ERS,ICAR-IVRI,Kolkata
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