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Futuristic Technologies

  • Marker vaccine, mutant vaccine, knocks out vaccines, DNA vaccine, combined vaccine and thermostable vaccine for HS, IBR, rabies, goat pneumonia.
  • Rapid and reliable diagnostic/detection tests for important bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic diseases of livestock, poultry and wildlife including zoonotic diseases.
  • Lateral flow/penside assays for diagnosis of diseases.
  • DIVA based diagnostic for IBR.
  • Mab based diagnostic for rabies.
  • Recombinant antigen based diagnostics for classical swine fever and pasturellosis.
  • Bioengineered scaffolds matrices for reconstructive surgery.
  • Molecular markers for sex identification in Gyps Vultures.
  • Molecular markers for sex identification in Gyps Vultures.
  • Composite scaffolds for bone and tendon repair using fetal fibroblasts.
  • Rumen microbial manipulations for mitigation of methane gas emission.

ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute

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