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(A)Research projects

S.No. Project Code Title of the project Name of the PI/ Associate(s)
Start Completion
1. IVRI/B&M/13-16/005 Development of molecular diagnostic for bovine mycoplasmas associated with mastitis, reproductive infections and pneumonia/ respiratory distress Rajneesh Rana (PI), K.N. Viswas, V.K. Gupta, J.K. Prasad June 2013 May 2016
2. IVRI/B&M/14-16/006 Standardization of molecular tools for characterization of important pathogenic fungal agents with special reference to dermatophytes Abhishek (PI), R.K. Agarwal, K.Mahendran Jan 2014 Dec 2016
3. IVRI/BP/11-13/002 Production of RBPT antigen for serodiagnosis of glanders V.K. Chaturvedi (PI), P. Das Dec. 2011 Dec.2014
4. IVRI/BP/12-15/003 Development of cell culture based genetically modified marker vaccine against classical swine fever C.L. Patel (PI), P.K. Gupta, Bina Mishra, V.K. Chaturvedi July 2012 June 2015
5. IVRI/BP/13-16/004 Efficacy of Phage lysate of Brucella abortus in experimental animal and target host Bablu Kumar (PI), Mayank Rawat, V.K. Chaturvedi, Lata Jain (till 08.08.14), Abhishek June 2013 June 2016
6. IVRI/BP/13-15/005 Characterization and application of a monoclonal antibody resistant variant/ mutant of PPR vaccine virus as a Negative Marker vaccine R.P. Singh (PI), V. Upmanyu, K. K. Rajak June 2013 March 2015
7. IVRI/BP/13-15/006A Development of field diagnostics for Classical swine fever. Sub-project 1: Development and standardization of spot diagnostic test for swine fever viral antigen in tissue samples V.K. Chaturvedi (PI), P.Dhar, V. Upmanyu June 2013 May 2015
8. IVRI/CADRAD/13-15/005 Evaluation of immunotoxic and genotoxic potential of Fipronil and its amelioration by Vitamin-E A.G. Telang (PI), K.P. Singh, Vishal Chander July 2013 June 2015
9. IVRI/CADRAD/14-17/006 Pathological and immunological response in bovine abortion K.P. Singh (PI), Rajendra Singh, B.R. Singh, Vishal Chander, Sanjeev Mehrotra July 2014 June 2017
10. IVRI/CADRAD/14-17/007 Standardization of multiplex LAMP test for differential diagnosis of B. meletensis and Salmonella spp. Rajesh Rathore (PI), Deepak Kumar Aug 2014 July 2017
11. IVRI/CADRAD/12-15/003 A cross-sectional study on brucellosis in small ruminants of Uttar Pradesh D.K. Sinha (PI), S. Quereshi, M.R. Verma, D.K. Singh Aug. 2012 July 2015
12. IVRI/EPID/14-17/001 Epidemiosurveillance of piglet diarrhoea in organized farms Vinod Kumar (PI), D.K. Sinha, B.R. Singh, Y.P.S. Malik Aug. 2014 July 2017
13. IVRI/MED/12-14/006 Management of post weaning diarrhoes of pigs through micronutrient and non-specific immunomodulators U.K. De (PI), Umesh Dimri, Reena Mukheree, A.K. Verma, Monalisha Sahoo July 2012 June 2015
14. IVRI/MED/12-15/007 Polymodal therapeutic management of hepatopathy due to intracellular tick born diseases in canine D.B. Mondal (PI), K. Mahendran, M. Hoque, K.P. Singh July 2012 June 2015
15. IVRI/MED/12-15/008 Strategic management of subclinical stages of diabetes and hypothyroidism in animals U. Dimri (PI), Bhaskar Sharma, Meena Kataria, S.K. Dixit, Vinodh Kumar O.R. July 2012 June 2015
16. IVRI/MED/14-17/009 Ameliorative potential of a microsphere encapsulated recombinant Staphylococcal Enterotoxin-C in mice mastitis model Reena Mukherjee(PI), Pallab Chaudhary, S. Bandyopadhyay, U.K. Dey Aug. 2014 July 2017
17. IVRI/PARA/11-14/002 Development of suitable diagnostic test(s) for early detection of immature paramphistomiasis in ruminants Hira Ram (PI), Rajat Garg, M.K. Singh Aug 2011 July 2015
18. IVRI/PARA/14-17/003 Surveillance and characterization of pork associated zoonotic parasites with special reference to Trichinella spp. Hira Ram (PI), P.S. Banerjee, K.P. Singh July 2014 June 2017
19. IVRI/PARA/14-17/004 Immunoprophylactic efficacies of some putative vaccine candidates of Eimeria tenella in chicken Rajat Garg (PI), Hira Ram, M.K. Singh July 2014 June 2017
20. IVRI/PARA/14-16/005 Development of rapid immunodiagnostic test(s) for Babesia gibsoni infection in dogs. P.S. Banerjee (PI), Praveen Singh, Rajat Garg, O.K. Raina July 2014 June 2016
21. IVRI/PATH/11-16/003 Streptococcus suis infections in pig: prevalence, pathology and molecular diagnosis Monalisa Sahoo (PI), V.K. Chaturvedi, Rajneesh Rana, Ajay Kumar Aug. 2011 July 2016
22. IVRI/PATH/12-15/005 Biomarkers in the early diagnosis and prognosis of bovine and bubaline cutaneous and mucosal papilloma virus tumours R. Somvanshi (PI), Meena Kataria, A.M. Pawde, Pawan Kumar July 2012 March 2015
23. IVRI/PATH/12-15/005-A Evaluation of molecular markers for diagnosis and prognosis of canine neoplasms A.K. Sharma (PI), S. Dey , A.M. Pawde, S.K. Maiti July 2012 June 2015
24. IVRI/PATH/14-17/006 Pathomorphological and molecular diagnosis of important viral induced respiratory diseases in poultry M. Palanivelu (PI), S.D. Singh, K. Dhama Jan 2014 Dec. 2017
25. IVRI/PATH/14-17/007 Pathogenesis and diagnosis of maedi-visna and caprine arthritis encephalitis virus infection in small ruminants Rajendra Singh (PI), Pawan Kumar, R.P. Singh, GVPPS Ravi Kumar July 2014 June 2017
26. IVRI/CWL/12-15/002 Nutritional interventions to improve nutrient utilization and performance of captive pheasants Asit Das (PI), M. Saini, A.K. Garg, A.K. Sharma Sept. 2012 Aug. 2015
27. IVRI/CWL/13-15/003 Development of cell culture based model for in vitro toxicity testing of diclofenac Mohini Saini (PI), A.K. Sharma, P.K. Gupta, A. Das June2013 May 2015
28. IVRI/P&T/11-14/005 Assessment of cardioprotective effect of herbal preparations T.U. Singh (PI), S.K. Mishra, U. Dimri, S. Parida Sept. 2011 March 2015
29. IVRI/P&T/13-16//008 Evaluation of reticular groove closure effects of some plant extracts on isolated reticular groove of adult goats Dinesh Kumar (PI), Dhirendra Kumar, Arvind Prasad, Amarpal, Manish Mahawar July 2013 June 2016
30. IVRI/P&T/13-16//009 Evaluation of therapeutic potential of triterpenoids and isoflavones in chronic renal failure Dhirendra Kumar (PI), Dinesh Kumar, T. U. Singh, Sahadeb Dey, Pawan Kumar July 2014 June 2017
31. IVRI/VIROL/09-14/003A Prevalence, characterization and development of indigenous diagnostics for animal rotaviruses; Sub project: Detection and molecular characterization of animal rotaviruses and development of diagnostic kit/reagents Y.P.S. Malik (PI), G. Venkatesan, Oct. 2009 March 2015
32. IVRI/CADRAD/12-15/004 Studies of prevalence of sexually transmitted infections in bovine semen S.D. Qureshi (PI), D. Chandra, S. Nandi, J.K. Prasad, R.S. Rathore Dec. 2012 Nov. 2015
33. IVRI/STAND/13-16/002 Development and characterization of standard antisera for S. Pullorum and S. Abortus-equi diagnostic biologicals H.D. Karmakar (PI), M. Rawat, V.K. Vhaturvedi, R.K. Agarwal Dec. 2013 Nov. 2016
34. IVRI/STAND/14-17/003 Development of in vitro assay for potency testing of inactivated Newcastle disease vaccine V. Upmanyu (PI), P. Dhar, R. Saravanan, Ajay Kumar July 2014 June 2017
35. IVRI/SURG/12-15/009 Development of xenogenic biomaterial for surgical reconstruction of corneal defects in animals Kiranjeet Singh (PI), A. Gopinathan, P. Kinjavdekar, H.P. Aithal, M. Hoque, A.K. Sharma July 2012 June 2015
36. IVRI/SURG/12-14/012 Development of safe anaesthetic protocol in horses using isoflurane with constant rate infusion of dexmedetomidine, ketamine and lidocaine Aswathy Gopinathan(PI), Kiranjeet Singh, Amarpal, P. Kinjavdekar, A.C. Saxena Dec. 2012 Dec. 2015
37. IVRI/SURG/13-16/013 Evaluation of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells for peripheral nerve repair in rabbits Amarpal (PI), P. Kinjavdekar, H.P. Aithal, Rekha Pathak, A. Gopinathan, G. Taru Sharma, G. Taru Kumar July 2013 June 2016
38. IVRI/SURG/13-16/014 Tissue engineered construct of mesenchymal stem cells seeded different biomaterials for skin wound repair S. K. Maiti (PI), Naveen Kumar, Ashok Sharma, Kiranjeet Singh, A. Gopinathan, S. Dandapat, N. P. Kurade Aug. 2013 July 2016
39. IVRI/SURG/14-16/015 Doppler quantification of pressure gradients across cardiac chambers in diagnosis of cardiac diseases in dogs. M. Hoque (PI) A.C. Saxena, Kiranjeet Singh K. Mahendran. July 2014 June 2016
40. IVRI/VPH/14-16/002 Microbiological evaluation of street vended foods and associated environment Z.B. Dubal (PI), Ashok Kumar, K.N. Bhilegaonkar, D.K. Sinha, S. Samanta, Ravikant Agarwal July 2014 June 2016
41. IVRI/VIROL/13-16/005 Isolation characterization of swinepox virus M.A. Ramakrishnan (PI), V. Gnanavel, A.B. Pandey, Rajendra Singh, S. Chandrasekar July 2013 June 2016
42. IVRI/BIOTECH/14-16/007 Nano particle based detection of M. paratuberculosis P.P. Goswami (PI), Praveen Singh, Rajat Garg, O.K. Raina Aug. 2014 July 2016
43. IVRI/VIM/12-15/003 Development of recombinant antigen based rapid diagnostic assay for canine parvo virus infection Mithilesh Singh (PI), T.K. Goswami, Vikramaditya, Visha Chander, K. Mahendran June 2012 May 2015
44. IVRI/VIM/13-16/004 Identification of true avian leukosis virus shedder chickens vis-à-vis efficacy of IP.TfAg Alka Tomar (PI), V.K. Saxena (CARI), N.P. Kurade June 2013 May 2016
45. IVRI/VIM/13-16/005 Development of a strategic recombinant vaccine candidate against Avian Infectious Bronchitis R. Saravanan (PI), C. Madhan Mohan, Sohini Dey, Dr.S.D.Singh, June 2013 May 2016
46. IVRI/ERSK/12-15/006 Drug resistance pattern of Mycobacterium bovis in animals in eastern region of India P. Dandapat (PI) Samiran Bandyopadhyay Aug. 2012 July 2015
47. IVRI/ERSK/12-15/007 Molecular signature of the extended stectrum (ESBL) and AmpC Type Beta lactamase producing E-coli in animal and products: evaluation of alternative strategies against multi-drug resistant (MDR) isolates Samiran Bandyopadhyay (PI), S.C. Das, P. Dandapat, P.K. Nanda, A.K. Das Aug. 2012 July 2015
48. IVRI/ERSK/12-15/008 Expression profile of the genes associated with heat stress and immune competence in Black Bengal goat. B.C. Das (PI), S. Naskar, Samiran Bandyopadhyay, M. Sarkar, G. Singh, S. Bag Aug. 2012 July 2015
49. IVRI/ERSK/13-16/009 Prevalence of Brucella melitensis in goat and fish with reference to its prevention and control S.C. Das (PI), P.K. Nanda, P. Dandapat, S. Bandyopadhyay, U.K. Bandyopadhyay July 2013 June 2015
50. IVRI/ERSK/14-17/010 Profiling of zoonotic food borne diseases in livestock products processing system in eastern region and evaluation of scientific food safety interventions. A.K. Das (PI) P. Dandapat P.K. Nanda Samiran Bandyopadhyay Subhasish Bandyopadhyay July 2014 June 2017
51. 22. IVRI/AG/11-14/008 Identification of allelles in FCGRT and 2M genes and their association with passive transfer of immunity in neonatal buffalo calves Subodh Kumar (PI), Amit Kumar, Deepak Sharma Oct. 2011 Sept. 2015
52. IVRI/AG/12-15/009 Genetic improvement of host resistance to infectious diseases in livestock
IVRI/AG/12-15/009A Structural and functional genome analysis for host resistance to tuberculosis in cattle Deepak Sharma (PI), Amit Kumar, B. Sivmani, Chandan Prakash July 2012 June 2015
IVRI/AG/12-15/009B Genetic predispositions as factor to susceptibility against bovine paratuberculosis Ran Vir Singh (PI), Deepak Sharma, Subodh Kumar, Rajesh Rathore July 2012 June 2015
IVRI/AG/12-15/009C Exposing underlying variability for innate host response to brucellosis Arvind Sonavane(PI), Pushpendra Kumar, Ran Vir Singh, Rajesh Rathore July 2012 June 2015
IVRI/AG/12-15/009D Genetic variability of host resistance to mastitis in cattle Bharat Bhushan (PI), M. Panigrahi, A. sonawane, G.K. Gaur, Reena Mukherjee July 2012 June 2015
IVRI/AG/13-16/009E Host-genetic resistance to Haemonchus contortus infections in goats Pushpendra Kumar (PI), Arvind Prasad, Amit Kumar, Bharat Bhushan July 2013 June 2016
IVRI/AG/13-16/009F Evaluation of host determinants mediating adhesion of ETEC F4 ab/ac influencing piglet diarrhoea N.R. Sahoo (PI), Pushpendra Kumar, Bharat Bhushan, Deepak Sharma July 2013 June 2016
IVRI/AG/13-16/009G Genetic factors influencing host response to classical swine fever vaccine-A vaccinomics approach Amit Kumar (PI), N. R. Sahoo, Babloo Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Deepak Sharma June 2013 May 2016
53. IVRI/AG/13-16/010 Multiplication and evaluation of production and reproduction performance of Sahiwal cattle through farmers and gaushala participation Ran vir Singh (PI), Deepak Sharma, G.K. Gaur, Sardar Mahmood, S.K. Ghosh, V.K. Gupta, V.S. Solanki July 2013 June 2016
54. IVRI/LPM/06-12/001 Multiplication and evaluation of synthetic crossbred cattle strain – Vrindavani Bharat Bhushan (PI) (up to Aug, 2014); G.K. Gaur (PI) (w.e.f. Sept 2014), Mukesh Singh, Narain Dutta, A.K.S. Tomar , Sanjeev Mehrotra, S.K. Ghosh, V.K. Gupta, Om Singh, B.H.M. Patel April 2006 Long-term project
55. IVRI/LPM/10-13/003 Genetic improvement, conservation and multiplication of Tharparkar native cattle A.K.S. Tomar (PI), G.K. Gaur, Bharat Bhushan, Triveni Dutt, Narayan Dutt, S. Mendiratta, Sanjeev Mehrotra, S.K. Ghosh, Om Singh, Mukesh Singh, K. Narayanan, B.H.M. Patel, V.K. Gupta Aug 2010 July 2015
56. IVRI/LPM/13-15/009 Integrated nutrient management and weed control practices in forage based cropping systems Om Singh (PI), Rakesh Pandey, H.C. Singh July 2013 June 2015
57. IVRI/AR/11-14/004 Isolation and characterization of heparin binding proteins with special reference to PDC-109 as fertility marker in buffalo bulls J. K. Prasad (PI), S.K. Ghosh, Ajay Kumar, Neeraj Srivastava Aug. 2011 Jan. 2015
58. IVRI/AR/13-14/006 To study the role of seminal vesicles in relation to certain hormone/nucleotide as fertility markers in buffaloes Sardar Mahmood(PI), R. Singh, M. Sarkar, G. Singh, K. Narayanan July 2013 July 2015
59. 22. IVRI/AR/13-14/007 Prognostic value of semen quality parameters as a comprehensive basic indicator to grade fertility of frozen-thawed semen of crossbred bulls- a pilot study S.K. Ghosh (PI), N. Srivastava, Amit Kumar, S. Mehrotra, J.K. Prasad June 2013 Nov. 2014
60. IVRI/P&C/10-14/002 Studies on thermal, radiation and dehydration stresses on physiological adaptability, production and reproduction of farm animals in changing climate Puneet Kumar (PI), V.P. Maurya, Gyanendra Singh July 2010 March 2015
61 IVRI/P&C/11-14/003 Ex-vivo expansion and characterization of mesenchymal stem cells for its therapeutic application G. Taru Sharma(PI), Amarpal, G. Sai Kumar, H.P. Aithal, Vikas Chandra Aug. 2011 March 2015
62 IVRI/P&C/13-15/004 Understanding the basic mechanisms to improve buffalo embryo production Vikash Chandra(PI), G. Taru Sharma, Mihir Sarkar, Arvind Sonwane Aug.2013 July2015
63 IVRI/P&C/14-17/005 Application of nanomaterial on propagation and differentiation of animal stem cells for therapeutic applications S. Bag (PI), G Taru Sharma, M Sarkar, Praveen Singh, Ajay Kumar, A.C. Saxena July 2014 June 2017
64 IVRI/BIOCHEM/11-14/003 Studies on recombinant matrix mettalloprotease as target antigen for immuno-therapy of cancer Meena Kataria (PI), S.K. Maiti, S. Dandapat, Aug. 2011 Dec. 2014
65 IVRI/BIOCHEM/12-15/004 Development of relaxin based pregnancy diagnosis methodology for canines S.K. Bhure (PI), A.M. Pawde, Praveen Singh, G.K. Das, S.K. Dhara Aug. 2012 July 2015
66. IVRI/BIOCHEM/13-16/005 Characterization of antimicrobial peptide from male reproductive tract of buffalo I. Karuna Devi (PI), S.K. Ghosh, Gyanendra Singh June 2013 June 2016
67 IVRI/AN/12-15/008 Studies on utilization of nanoparticles of selenium and zinc to improve growth and health of the animals A.K. Garg (PI), R.S. Dass, Sameer Srivastava, V.K. Chaturvedi, A.K. Sharma July 2012 June 2015
68 IVRI/AN/12-14/009 Studies on potential use of sugarcane pressed mud as a feed resource in ruminants S.K. Saha (PI), L.C. Chaudhary, V.B. Chaturvedi, B.H.M. Patel, A.K. Sharma Aug. 2012 Jan. 2015
69 IVRI/AN/13-16/010 Effect of phytogenic feed additive on maternal and offspring nutrition, health and production under different stress conditions in ruminants S.E. Jadhav (PI), A.K. Pattanaik, Narayan Dutta, Avneesh Kumar, R. Sarvanan, Vikash Chandra June 2013 May 2016
70 IVRI/AN/14-17/011 Studies on energy utilization in ruminants fed diets supplemented with rumen protected starch V.B. Chaturvedi(PI), Putan Singh, A.K. Verma, Narayan Dutta July 2014 June 2017
71 IVRI/PALAM/12-15/006 Evaluation of locally available plants for feeding of hill animals R. Bhar (PI), A. Kannan, Rinku Sharma, S. Radotra, K.B. Sharma, B. Sahoo July 2012 June 2015
72. IVRI/PALAM/12-15/007 Molecular characterization of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from animals by polymerase chain reaction in North-West Himalayan region U.S. Pati (PI) July 2012 June 2015
73 IVRI/PALAM/13-16/008 Evaluation of herbal plants against Lantana camara-induced toxicity Rinku Sharma (PI), G. Mal, T.U. Singh, Aug. 2013 July 2016
74 IVRI/PALAM/13-16/009 Utilisation of tea by-products for feeding livestock and poultry A. Kannan (PI), R. Bhar, G. Mal, Ashu Gulati(IHBT-CSIR), B.G. Mane, V.K. Sharma, R.D. Patil (CSKHPKV) June 2013 May 2016
75 IVRI/PALAM/13-16/010 Effect of phytochemical, ally isothiocyanate against fern induced chronic toxicity in guinea pigs- a model of EBH Rinku Sharma (PI), G. Mal, B. Singh, A. Kannan, R.D. Patil (CSKHPKVV), V.K. Sharma, M. Kataria Aug. 2013 July 2016
76 Study on bio-efficacy of atrazine in weed management and determination of its residue in green fodder Mukherjee P K(PI), Putan Singh, S S Tomar and Shobha Sondhia (DWR, Jabalpur) Aug 2015 July 2017
77 IVRI/LPT/13-16/005 Development of essential oil formulation for bio-control of spoilage organisms and pathogens of public health significance in foods of animal origin Ravikant Agrawal (PI), G. Kandeepan, S.K. Mendiratta, B.R. Singh, K.N. Bhilegaonkar July 2013 June 2016
78 IVRI/LPT/14-17/006 Development of test for meat speciation: Based on carotenoid and DNA content. R.R. Kumar (PI), S.K. Mendiratta, Ravikant Agarwal, S. Talukder July 2014 June 2017
79 IVRI/LES/12-15/002 Structure, conduct and performance of livestock and livestock marketing system in Uttar Pradesh Dinesh Kumar (PI), Sanjay Kumar, M.R. Verma, B. Singh July 2012 June 2015
80 IVRI/LES/13-15/003 Estimation of parameters under unknown auxiliary information in livestock surveys M.R. Verma (PI), B. Singh, Dinesh Kumar July 2013 June 2015
81 IVRI/LES/14-17/004 Economic effects of livestock disease burden in India and cost benefit analysis of targeted interventions. D. Bardhan (PI), Sanjay Kumar, M.R. Verma, U.K. De, Dinesh Kumar July 2014 June 2017
82 IVRI/BANG/12-15/001 Development and evaluation of IFN α and λ based therapeutics to control FMD at the early stage of infection G.R. Reddy (PI), H.J. Dechamma April 2012 March 2015
83 IVRI/BANG/12-15/002 Development and evaluation of siRNA therapeutics to control early infection in foot and mouth disease. H.J. Dechamma (PI), G.R. Reddy April 2012 March 2015
84 IVRI/BANG/13-16/004 Evaluation of baculovirus expressed virus like particles (VLPs) as subunit vaccine against foot and mouth disease P. Saravanan (PI), S.H. Basagoudanavar April 2013 March 2016
85 IVRI/BANG/13-16/005 Early intervention of foot and mouth disease virus infection: Identification of serum miRNA biomarkers and development of therapeutic micro-RNA in cattle S.H. Basagoudanavar (PI), M. Hosamani, R.P. Tamil Selvan April 2013 March 2016
86 IVRI/BANG/13-16/007 Assessment of relationship between serum neutralization test and liquid phase blocking ELISA antibody titre in immune response to foot and mouth disease virus R.P. Tamil Selvan (PI), B.P. Shreenivasa April 2013 March 2016

Service projects

Sl. No. Project Title Name of PI/Associate (s)
1. Diagnosis of bacterial and mycotic diseases of animals and birds and maintenance of bacterial and mycotic agents R.K. Agarwal (PI), P. Chaudhuri, R. Rana, K.N. Viswas, S.K. Gupta, Abhishek, P. Thomas
2. Clinical diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of animal diseases U. Dimri (PI); S. Dey, Reena Mukherjee, D.B. Mondal, S.K. Dixit, V.K. Gupta, U.K. De, Vinodhkumar O.R., K. Mahendran
3. Treatment of surgical cases, preparation of  animal models, collection of biopsies and radiological diagnosis Amarpal (PI), A.K. Sharma, M. Hoque, P. Kinjavdekar, Naveen Kumar, A.M. Pawde,  H.P. Aithal, S.K. Maiti, Rekha Pathak, Kiranjeet Singh, A.C. Saxena and A. Gopinathan
4. Diagnosis/Identification of parasitic diseases/parasite specimen P.S. Banerjee (PI); S.C. Gupta, A. Prasad, S. Ghosh, S. Samanta, O.K. Raina, A.K. Tewari, Rajat Garg, B.C. Saravanan, Hira Ram
5. Studies on mortality pattern and causes of death among livestock, poultry and wildlife and maintenance of veterinary pathology museum Rajendra Singh (Co-ordinator)
5.1 Buffaloes R.B. Rai (PI)
5.2 Cattle, Canine, Equine and Wildlife A.K. Sharma (PI)
5.3 Swine G. Saikumar (PI)
5.4 Caprine Monalisa Sahoo (PI)
5.5 Ovine Pawan Kumar (PI)
5.6 Poultry S.D. Singh (PI), K. Dhama, M. Palanivelu
5.7 Vet. Pathology Museum R. Somvanshi (PI) and Monalisa Sahoo
6. Establishment of National Veterinary Science Museum R. Somvanshi (PI) and Kundan Singh
7. Maintenance and supply of  stock strains, disease diagnosis and  investigation of food and water borne diseases Ashok Kumar (PI); S.V.S. Malik, D.K. Singh, K.N. Bhilegaonkar, R.S. Rathore, Deepak B. Rawool
8. Technological Improvement/ Production and Standardization of  bacterial vaccines, diagnostic antigens and sera 
8.1 Production and standardization of purified protein derivatives (PPD) of bovine tuberculin, johnin and mallein P. Das (PI)
8.2 Production and standardization of Brucella diagnostic antigens, vaccines and sera Bablu Kumar (PI)

Production and standardization of  Salmonella antigens and sera

V.K. Chaturvedi (PI)
8.4 Production of  H.S. Oil adjuvant  and Entertoxaemia vaccines                          V.K. Chaturvedi (PI)
8.5 Bacterial biomass production using fermenter Soumendu Chakravarti (PI)
9. Development/production of viral vaccines
9.1   Production of lapinised swine fever vaccine C.L. Patel (PI)
9.2  Production of vaccine against poultry diseases viz. Ranikhet disease (Mukt. Strain) Ranikhet disease (F strain) and Fowl Pox. C.L. Patel (PI)
9.3 Production of tissue culture sheeppox vaccine Bina Mishra (PI)
9.4 Production of PPR vaccine  Bina Mishra (PI)
9.5 roduction and standardization of antirabies vaccine for large animals R.P.Singh (PI)
VIROLOGY DIVISION (Mukteswar Campus)
10. Diagnostic service and supply of soluble antigen and serum against capripox viruses: Production and supply of live attenuated goat pox vaccine A.B. Pandey (PI); M.A. Ramakrishnan, V. Gnanavel
11. Production, supply & field evaluation of PPR vaccine/diagnostic kits, diagnostic service & maintenance of virus/serum repository A.B. Pandey (PI); D. Muthuchelvan, K.K. Rajak, S.B. Sudhakar  
TAH (Mukteswar Campus)

Disease diagnosis, treatment and health management of livestock

A.K. Sharma (PI); B. Sahoo, M. Sankar, A.R. Gurav
13. Maintenance and enhancement of productivity of experimental livestock A.K. Sharma (PI); B. Sahoo, M. Sankar, A.R. Gurav
14. Standardization and quality control of veterinary biologicals and nodal agency in veterinary type culture A.K. Tiwari (PI)
14.1 Standardization and quality control of veterinary immunodiagnostic antigens and antisera H.D. Karmakar (PI); Mayank Rawat
14.2 Standardization and quality control of bacterial vaccines Mayank Rawat (PI); Salauddin Qureshi
14.3 Standardization and quality control of PPR and swine fever viral vaccines P. Dhar (PI); V. Upmanyu
14.4 Standardization and quality control of  rabies and sheeppox vaccines V. Upmanyu (PI); P. Dhar
14.5 Standardization and quality control of poultry vaccines V. Upmanyu (PI)
14.6 Standardization and quality control of  bluetongue vaccines Y.P.S. Malik (PI)
14.7 Veterinary type culture for production and testing of veterinary biologicals, research and training Mayank Rawat (PI); Salauddin Qureshi
15. Foot and mouth disease vaccine quality control & assurance V. Bhanuprakash  (PI); Subodh Kishore
16. Production of laboratory animals Amit Kumar (PI)
17. Animal and farm waste management through vermibiotechnology Ran Vir Singh (PI)
18. Studies on reproductive problems in livestock.  Harendra Kumar  (PI), S.K. Srivastava, S. Mehmood, S.K. Ghosh, G.K. Das, J.K. Prasad, K. Narayanan, S.K. Singh
19. Production & supply of quality frozen semen from crossbred and buffalo bulls S. K. Ghosh (PI); J.K. Prasad, R.P. Tripathi
20. Weekly animal health cum awareness camps– village Akha Mahesh Chander (PI)

Livestock extension and human resource development programmes

A.K. Garg (PI), B.P. Singh, Rupasi Tiwari

Organizing training programmes and conducting demonstrations

A.K. Garg (PI), B.P. Singh, Rupasi Tiwari
23. To provide methodology in livestock economics & biostatistics and  livestock related statistics to post-graduate & divisional research projects of the Institute M.R. Verma (PI); B. Singh and Dinesh Kumar
24. Electronic data processing and networking Sanjay Kumar (PI) and Yash Pal Singh
25. Handling, processing, quality evaluation and disposal of livestock products and by-products
  • Handling, processing and sale of  milk and milk products
  • Slaughtering, processing and disposal of meat
  • Processing and quality evaluation of meat products
  • Handling and disposal of hides and skins
S.K. Mendiratta (PI); Geeta Chauhan, Kandeepan, G., Rajiv Ranjan Kumar, B.D. Sharma, Suman Talukder
26. Assessment of variability in nutrient composition of livestock feed ingredients for quality assurance A.K. Verma (PI); All the scientists of the Division are associates
27. Investigation on diseases, sero-prevalence and animal husbandry practices in NWHHR R. Bhar (PI); U.S. Pati, Rinku Sharma, A.  Kannan, B. Singh and G. Mal
28. Disease investigation  
28.1 Investigation and diagnosis of viral diseases of livestock S. Nandi and Vishal Chander
28.2 Investigation, identification and characterization of bacterial agents from clinical/morbid materials of animals R. Rathore and Chandan Prakash
28.3 Investigation and control of parasitic diseases of livestock Dinesh Chandra
28.4 Pathomorphological diagnosis of animal diseases K.P. Singh
28.5 Field investigation and diagnosis of toxicosis in animals A.G. Telang
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