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» Zonal Technology Management Unit Fostering Innovation, investment and enterprise

About ZTM-BPD Unit


The Indian Veterinary Research Institute is a premier research institution-cum-Deemed University widely known for its pioneering contributions to various areas of veterinary and animal sciences. The institute during its more than 120 years of glorious history has created a niche with acknowledged excellence in R & D on immuno-biologicals, patents, processes, consultancy and other veterinary services. With a view to promoting technology based new enterprises, value added services, transfer of technology, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and eventually greater creativity in the research system, a new Zonal Technology Management & Business Planning and Development (ZTM-BPD) Unit is established at the Institute.

The IVRI ZTM-BPD Unit offers unique opportunities for creating entrepreneurial abilities and building strong partnerships with entrepreneurs, start-up companies, small & medium and elite industrial houses for technology based viable business ventures. The unit also provides an attractive platform for nurturing new innovative ideas of natural persons into viable commercial ventures paving the way to further innovations and faster technological progress. The state of the art Technology Incubators provide all initial facilities to entrepreneurs to succeed in the business. Facilitating process development and technology validation is yet another important goal of this new initiative in the region.

The main steps for consideration are :

  • Identification of marketable technologies for commercialization / business incubation
  • Development of infrastructure for technology incubation such as building, space, Labs, office, etc
  • Identify entrepreneurs to incubate these technologies in the incubator.

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