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» Zonal Technology Management Unit Fostering Innovation, investment and enterprise


  • To stimulate technology development and transfer between BPD-IVRI and entrepreneurs for commercialization of livestock and poultry health and production related technologies.
  • To act as a catalyst in conversion of naïve original innovative research ideas into commercial ventures.
  • Technology refinement and upscaling and promoting public private partnerships and start-up companies for technology led venture creation.


  • To act as an effective instrument for promoting technologies into commercial ventures, PPP networks, sustainable enterprise development to ensure technology led regional development that will leverage the strengths of the cluster institutes in the zone.

Strategic Goals

  • To accelerate transfer and commercialize livestock health and production technologies to augment animal and poultry based productivity.
  • To maintain linkages with R & D institutions, state veterinary & animal and agricultural universities, agriculture and animal science related incubators and incubates globally.
  • To foster the creation and development of livestock business to the farming communities in India using innovative technologies to maintain the competitive edge in the present era of globalization and trade liberalization.
  • To provide services on marketing assistance, quality evaluation, research and development and custom technical assistance.
  • To promote exclusively on livestock business to make it economically viable option for farmers.
  • To produce champions in livestock health and production business.

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