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» Success story of AN Incubatee of ZTM-BPD Unit

Success story Of Unit


The village of Puranpur is situated in the eastern part of district Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh. The District Pilibhit has an agrarian economy and the main cultivated crops are sugarcane, wheat and rice.

Though the Pilibhit comes under Terai region and the land is very fertile. But due to repeated floods in the Sharda Canal, the area of Pilibhit is not able to grow many crops on annual basis and makes farmer to bear the unconditional loss of capital as well as the crops.


Even after these natural hazards in cultivation of that area, Mr. Gurbagh Singh an educated, dynamic and self-motivated individual aimed to initiate something innovative in agriculture and allied sector. He came in contact with Mr. Rishipal Singh and Mr. Sukhjinder Singh (B.Sc. Agri.) Agri-Clinic Agri-Business Center (ACAB) proprietor and agronomist. They all formed a group and experimented by initiating a pilot project of turmeric cultivation on their own land of 5 acres in the soil (left after flood) with Tarai climate favoring its production. They started an innovative concept of turmeric cultivation in the Tarai belt of Pilibhit and nearby area and succeeded. With the success of Turmeric farming, a few other farmers of that area also initiated turmeric cultivation. In a span of time, they diversified into allied agricultural practices also viz. Dairy farming, Stud farm management and also on educational empowerment of rural youth.

However even after all these initiatives, they were still working in an unorganized manner and lacked in the focused approach, as the group basically aimed to disseminate knowledge regarding turmeric cultivation in Self Help Groups of migrated farmers from Punjab and Bengal, but they were not successful in forming their networks.

They used to visit IVRI during Kisan Mela event and during their visit they came in contact with ZTM-BPD Unit, an initiative of ICAR under NAIP Project (National Agriculture Innovation Project) established with a view to promote technology based new enterprises, value added services, transfer of technology, foster the entrepreneurial spirit and eventually greater creativeness in Agri-business development in the field of agriculture and allied activities.


Mr. Gurbagh Singh got registered with the ZTM-BPD Unit as an annual incubatee on 25.02.2011 for agribusiness support services on turmeric processing project formulation and agri-allied sector. The Unit opened the opportunities for technical solutions to a problem to its members by its 20 linked Institutes. The Unit provided facilities to the group in the form of consultancy on business development in diverse set of practices in the field of agriculture and livestock and also provided customized services in the form of technical and promotional services, frequent field visits, know-how on stud management, dairy farming and turmeric cultivation along with preparation of DPR for funding assistance through Small Farmer Agribusiness Consortium venture capital scheme for agribusiness development. Joint market exploration of domestic and international services in the field of turmeric processing support was also provided.


With the guidance and support of ZTM-BPD Unit IVRI, the transformation of AIDT was remarkable, as the group recently registered as “ALL INDIA DEVELOPMENT TRUST” on October 24, 2011 as the legal entity on the recommendation of ZTM-BPD Unit. They also established SWAMI DAIRY FARM for dairy farming, SANDHU STUD FARM for Stud farm management and also SWAMI EDUCATION, an Educational Institution for empowerment of Rural youth and women empowerment.


The present turnover of Turmeric production is around 80 quintals per acre. Considering the success in turmeric cultivation, AIDT motivated other farmers of their network resulting into turmeric cultivation on approximately 2200 acres area of land in the tarai region of Pilibhit.

AIDT has put sincere efforts towards providing employment to large group of farmers directly and indirectly through 512 Self-Help Groups covering 9216 farmers.

Apart from providing employment to farmers AIDT also assist them with consultancy services regarding turmeric farming, stud farm management, dairy farming; farm demonstration for irrigation facilities like drip irrigation, use of sprinklers

The composite result of AIDT motivation to the 9216 farmers of 512 Self Help Groups helped in increasing the turmeric production 1,76,000 qt in 2010-11 resulting in revenue facilitation of Rs 21.12 Cr.(Rs 1200/qt)

The trust supported 9216 farmers including 1800 rural women in various agribusiness activities. The 30% increase has been recorded in household income of the associated member farmers of AIDT, Puranpur, Pilibhit

For its enormous efforts, AIDT received the prestigious Best National Agribusiness Incubatee Award at 2nd Global Agribusiness Development Conference 2012 of Network of Indian Agri-Business Incubators, organized at IARI, Pusa; New Delhi from 6th-8th February, 2012.

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