Standardization, IVRI Izatnagar

About Standardization Division

With recommendation of the Expert Committee on Standardization of Veterinary Biological Products (1954), the Division of Standardization was established in 1969, in the fourth Five Year Plan to act as the Central Control Laboratory for whole of India. Subsequently the division is renamed as Biological Standardization Division, and the roles are redefined to include standardization and quality control of veterinary biologicals, maintenance and supply of type cultures, research on standardization, and post-graduate teaching or training. The Division continued to have de-facto recognition as analytical laboratory to the Government of India for quality control of veterinary vaccines, diagnostic antigens and sera, and test the standards of the biologicals received from the Drugs Controller Authority of the country. Formulating the standards for newer veterinary biologicals and raising the existing standards of biologicals in schedule F-1 of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act and Indian Pharmacopoeia are other coveted responsibilities of the Division. The Division also provides advisory services to the veterinary biological units in the country and the Drugs Controller, Government of India, along with scrutiny of reports and visit to the manufacturing units in the matters of licensing and achieving acceptable quality of the veterinary biologicals in this country.