Research Projects

Institute Project

  • Role of fucosylation on corneal wound healing and sub-epithelial fibrosis.
    Project InvestigatorDr Aswathy Gopinathan
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionSep-22

Externally Funded Project

  • Pharmacodynamic modulation of cardiac angiotensin and adrenergic signaling in arsenic-exposed rats (DST)
    Project InvestigatorDr Kesavan M
    Start DateJul-18 CompletionJul-21
  • Tear based biomarkers for early detection of Kerato-Conjunctivtis Sicca (KCS) and prediction of corneal graft acceptance in KCS affected dogs
    Project InvestigatorDr Kiranjeet Singh
    Start DateMar-18 CompletionSep-21