Services Offered

The Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) Section is engaged in production of different species of laboratory animals. Currently LAR Section is producing New Zealand White and Angora breeds of Rabbits, Dunkin Hartley strain of Guinea Pig, Wistar strain of Rat and Swiss Albino strain of Mice for the use of different laboratory purposes. All these laboratory animals are of outbred strains. The laboratory animals produced by this section are supplied to researchers of ICAR-IVRI as well as to outside institutions registered with CPCSEA for their research work and production of biologicals. The current prices of each laboratory animal for outside supply are as follows:

  • Rs. 2000 for rabbit of any breed
  • Rs. 1000 for Guinea Pig (Dunkin Hartley)
  • Rs. 350 for Rat (Wistar)
  • Rs. 200 for each Mouse (Swiss Albino).

Animal and farm waste management through Vermibiotechnology

1833 Farmers, entrepreneurs, farm women, agriculture and veterinary graduates, NGOs visited the Vermibiotechnology Unit

Commercialization of Jai Gopal vermiculture technology Rs. 147500.00 (5 x Rs 29500.00)