Animal Genetics, IVRI Izatnagar

About Animal Genetics IVRI

The Division of Animal Genetics was established at this Institute on 12th October, 1941 with the creation of a post of Research Officer (Genetics). A full-fledged Division, having Livestock Farms, Regional Artificial Insemination, Biochemistry and Physiology, Reproduction became functional in July, 1945. This division has always been a leading national centre for conducting research in the various areas of Animal Genetics and Breeding as well as development of human resources and consultancy services in this discipline. Keeping pace with International developments made in the subject as well as looking into national priorities, significant contributions have been made through a number of research projects undertaken in different areas of Artificial Insemination, Germplasm Conservation, Cytogenetics, Blood Groups and Immunogenetics, Quantitative Genetics, Population Genetics, Crossbreeding programme, Molecular Genetics and Genomics. The division is currently working on various aspects of germplasm conservation, elucidation of genes and genomics for improved production and reproduction performance of animals, development of inbred lines, elucidation of breed signatures, disease resistance and big-data analytics.