AboutTemperate Animal Husbandry Division IVRI

The Division of Temperate Animal Husbandry conducts basic and applied research on livestock production under temperate conditions. Studies are conducted on the animal production, genetic improvement and health management of different livestock species, particularly cattle and goat. An elite flock of Chaugarkha goat is being improved and maintained for its genetic improvement for meat production, so that superior germplasm of goat can be distributed to the farmers. Division carries out studies on livestock feeding problems at high altitude Himalayan region and on strategic manipulation of feed for increased production. Diagnostic and treatment facilities to the livestock reared in and around Mukteswar and consultancy to the needy farmers are provided. Seasonal incidence and gastrointestinal parasitism in cattle and goats are studied in detail for control of parasitic infestation. Scientists of the division have developed PCR-based tests for the genus level diagnosis and molecular identification of Haemonchus contortus as well as for Toxoplasma gondii. Recently, allele-specific PCR for early diagnosis of benzimidazole resistance in Trichostrongylus colubriformis and Bunostomum trigonocephalum has been developed, and a PCR-RFLP technique has been standardized for identification of common strongyle nematodes of goats. Division is very active in technology dissemination in the field areas of the region. To fulfill the research mandate, division maintains three Units/Sections of animals- Experimental Cattle Herd at dairy farm (crossbred cattle), Experimental Goat Farm (Chaugarkha goat) and Laboratory Animal Production Section (rabbits). A considerable amount of revenue is generated through sale of milk and milk product, and auction of animals.