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Fresh Meat Technology-I

Fresh meat technology laboratory is engaged in research and development related to fresh meat of all species. The characteristic, behaviour and all aspects of fresh meat is addressed here. The storage characteristics in different conditions, behaviour with different packaging materials etc. are work with here.


  • Thematic area of lab: Fresh meat and Poultry products
  • Infrastructure and facility in lab:

    Shaker water bath


    MAP machine

  • Major Achievement of Lab:
    • Developed Plant Dye based meat Quality Indicator (QI)
      • This plant dye based indicator can be used to detect the freshness of meat. The easily detectable color change in indicator is able to determine the freshness of meat in its processing chain.
    • Developed Plant Dye based Time Temperature Indicator (TTI)
      • Plant dye based Time Temperature Indicator can detect the temperature abuse in cold chain. The color change in TTI can easily be detected by naked eye and the status of temperature abuse can be detected by that.
  • List of projects going on in lab
    • Development of laboratory and field based test for differentiation of slaughtered and dead chicken.
    • Name and contact details of Lab in-charge: Dr. Suman Talukder, Contact No. 9457835145, Email ID.


    Details of Laboratory: Fresh Meat Technology-II

    Name and brief about lab (Max 300 words)

    Fresh Meat Technology

    • This lab focuses on meat quality evaluation and packaging of various meat products by various packaging technologies such as active packaging, sous-vide packaging and retort pouch technologies.
    • Various fresh meat such as chicken, chevon, mutton and pork and meat products such as nuggets, patties and sausages in trays with oxygen absorbers were developed in this lab with extended shelf-life.
    • Currently this lab is working on developing various meat products using sous-vide packaging which is getting lots of popularity in the recent days among the consumers due to its multi varied advantages.
    • The National Livestock Mission (NLM) under the DAHD, Government of India has approved a funding of Rs.1.06 Crores for the development of various ready to eat meat products in retort pouches and trays. (Funds awaited)
    • Thematic area of lab

    Development of meat products by various packaging technologies

    Infrastructure and facility in lab (In bulleted format along with good photo graphs)

    • pH Meter
    • Analytical balances
    • Air-fryer
    • Oven Toaster Griller
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Tray packaging machine
  • Major Achievement of Lab (Max 500 words in bulleted format along with high resolution photo graphs)
    • Development of active tray packaged fresh meats ( Chicken, Chevon, Mutton and Pork) and meat products (Sausages, Nuggets and Patties)
    • Development of a grading system for classification of live female buffaloes and carcasses based on age.
    • List of projects going on in lab

    A National Livestock Mission (NLM) under the DAHD, Government of India funded project on retort pouch processing is being approved and waiting for the release of funds. This project is for three years (2023-2026)

    Development of Shelf-Stable Ready to Eat (RTE) Meat Products by Standardizing the Retorting Methods for Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Skill Development

    Current PhD students

  • Dr.Pratiba Yadav
  • Dr.Ankita Pal
  • Name and contact details of Lab in-charge
  • Dr.I.Prince Devadason,

    Senior Scientist,

    Division of Livestock Products Technology,

    ICAR- Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, 243 122