Meat Technology Laboratory

Meat Technology Laboratory

Meat Technology laboratory is a specialized facility at Division of LPT that focuses on the study and research of meat and meat products. The laboratory has instrumentation to analyze various aspects of meat, such as its composition, nutritional content, safety and quality. This lab has played a vital role in developing technologies or processes to ensure the quality of meat products, as well as in developing new products that meet consumer demands and preferences.

Thematic area of lab: Meat quality analysis and Identification of species origin of meat

Infrastructure and facility in lab (In bulleted format along with good photo graphs)

Equipment: Freeze dryer, Refrigerated centrifuge, Viscometer, Water bath shaker, Magnetic Stirrer, Centrifuge, Deep Fridge, Refrigerator etc.

Major Achievement of Lab (Max 500 words in bulleted format along with high resolution photo graphs)

Developed various simplex, duplex, multiplex PCR for identification of tissue from cattle, buffalo and pig, Carotenoid based assay, LAMP-LFA and RPA-LFA techniques for onsite identification of species origin of tissue.

List of projects going on in lab

Development of Novel Functional Meat Products with extended shelf-life.

Name and contact details of Lab in-charge

Dr Sagar Chand

Scientist (SS)

 Division of Livestock Products Technology, ICAR-IVRI, Izatnagar

Email., Mob. No. 9720608486