Research Projects

Institute Project

  • Market assessment of consumer preferences of meat and meat products with special reference to poultry and interventional approaches for quality assurance.
    Project InvestigatorDr Suman Talukder
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Production and evaluation of multifunctional food ingredient from poultry by-products.
    Project InvestigatorDr Devendra Kumar
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-23
  • Development of dying methodology for intact whole buffalo offals for pet food.
    Project InvestigatorDr Tanbir Ahmad
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Development a grading system for live and their carcasses for domestic and trade.
    Project InvestigatorDr I Prince Devadason
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionSep-22
  • Value addition of whey and ghee residue
    Project InvestigatorDr Geeta Chauhan
    Start DateSep-19 CompletionSep-22
  • Development of novel bioactive blended functional meat products with extended shelf life.
    Project InvestigatorDr Sagar Chand
    Start DateJun-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Development of laboratory and filed based test for differentiation of slaughtered and dead poultry meat.
    Project InvestigatorDr Suman Talukder
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-24
  • Production, Characterization and evaluation of novel anti-diabetic collagen hydrolysate and collagen-hydrolysate chromium from buffalo hide.
    Project InvestigatorDr Tanbir Ahmad
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-24

Externally Funded Project

  • Value added products from poultry sleeves for environmental and economical viability of poultry processing
    Project InvestigatorDr Rajiv Ranjan Kumar
    Start DateDec-18 CompletionMar-22
  • Development of enzyme based biomarkers for rapid differentiation of fresh and frozen-thawed meat with special reference to poultry meat
    Project InvestigatorDr Ashim Kumar Biswas
    Start DateSep-20 CompletionSep-23
  • Identification of quorum-sensing inhibitory, anti-biofilm and anti-virulence plant essential oils and components for developing novel intervention against drug-resistant microbes
    Project InvestigatorDr Ravi Kant Agrawal
    Start DateFeb-22 CompletionFeb-25