Livestock Products Technology Division, IVRI Izatnagar

About Division

Visualizing the significance of livestock products, the Division of Livestock Products Technology (LPT) was established in 1975, with the mandate to carry out pioneering research in the fields of meat and milk science, while also developing a skilled workforce capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly growing livestock products industry. The Division has since emerged as a key player in the development of livestock-based industries within the country. As the global export potential of livestock products continues to expand, the Division of LPT has taken on the pivotal role of driving growth in this sector. Over the course of past four and half decades, the concerted efforts and pragmatic approach of LPT scientists have resulted in the creation of numerous innovative technologies for meat and milk production, processing, quality assurance, packaging and by-product utilization. Additionally, the Division has established cutting-edge facilities including a well-equipped Pilot Plant and Milk Pasteurization Plant, complete with state-of-the-art machinery for meat and milk processing.

The Division of Livestock Product Technology (LPT) is fulfilling a crucial responsibility of producing qualified personnel for research, teaching, and industry through the provision of Master and Doctoral programmes in the field. Thus far, the Division has successfully graduated 117 M.V.Sc. and 64 Ph.D. scholars, of whom four have been distinguished with the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for their exceptional post-graduate research work. In addition to these long-term academic programmes, the Division has also organized short-term courses and National Seminars on various subjects, catering to meat personnel and entrepreneurs. The Division has additionally extended its expertise to farmers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, researchers, and academicians through its training programmes.

The Division's extensive contributions to the field of Livestock Products Technology are evident in the development of more than 50 processes, products, and technologies, and the successful transfer of six technologies to twelve entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the Division has published over 650 research papers, 270 reviews and technical articles in reputed national and international journals, and authored 10 books, monographs, and bulletins. The Division has also received continuous recognition as one of the best three divisions, winning the award for the last ten years. The Division provides a vital technical support to government agencies such as APEDA, BIS, MoFPI, DST, FSSAI and others, lending its expertise to address issues related to the livestock products sector.