Packaging & Sensory Evaluation Laboratory

Packaging & Sensory Evaluation Laboratory

Packaging and sensory evaluation laboratory deals with two very important aspects of livestock products that affect their quality, safety, and appeal. The lab has facilities for aerobic, vacuum and modified atmospheric packaging of livestock products. In addition, a well-furnished sensory evaluation room with facility of individual booths for sensory evaluation of livestock products is also available.

Thematic area of lab: Novel packaging methods for livestock products and sensory evaluation of different livestock products

Infrastructure and facility in lab (In bulleted format along with good photo graphs)

Equipment: Vacuum Packaging Machine, Impulse sealer, Modified Atmosphere Packaging machine, Deep Fridge, Hot air oven, Refrigerator etc.



Major Achievement of Lab (Max 500 words in bulleted format along with high resolution photo graphs)

Developed various packaging interventions for storage of animal products, Evolved packaging systems and sensory criteria for different meat and meat products.

List of projects going on in lab- None

Name and contact details of Lab in-charge

Dr Sagar Chand

Scientist (SS)

 Division of Livestock Products Technology, ICAR-IVRI, Izatnagar

Email., Mob. No. 9720608486