Physiology & Climatology Division, IVRI Izatnagar

About Physiology & Climatology Division IVRI

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Dr. F.C. Minett, then Director of the Indian Veterinary Research Institute decided to have a new section of Physiology under a Senior Physiologist in the decade forties. But due to one reason or the other the decision did not take a shape. Subsequently, a definite proposal was submitted by Dr. D.N. Mullick, then section officer, Physiology Section, Animal Nutrition Division on October 10, 1963 for setting up of the ‘Division of Animal Physiology & Pharmacology’ at the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar in the III Five Year Plan (1964-65 to 1968-69). In the mentioned proposal, ten sections, namely Energy Metabolism, Reproductive Physiology, Endocrinology & Lactation Physiology, Growth and Work Production, Climatology, Physiological Nutrition, Animal Behavior, Hematology, Physiology of Birds and Pharmacology & Toxicology, were proposed.

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research in consultation with the Ministry of Finance approved the establishment of the Division of Physiology & Pharmacology as preparatory action for the IV Five Year Plan and was formally established in March’1970. Later on Division of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Biochemistry was separated and the existing division was renamed as Division of Physiology & Climatology. On the basis of achievements in research and teaching, the division was recognized as Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Veterinary Physiology on 2nd March’1995 by Indian Council of Agricultural Research and later re named as Centre for Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT) in Veterinary Physiology on tenth February’ 2010. The centre is having the responsibility of teaching and research with mandate of training scientists and professors of NARES. Division has five major laboratories; Climatology Laboratory & Psychrometric Chamber, Endocrinology Laboratory, Reproductive Physiology Laboratory, Digestive Physiology & Biocalorimetry Laboratory and Cell & Neurophysiology Laboratory. Division has a library of its own, facilities of having Committee Room/Class Room and a full-fledged experimental animal sheds. At present in this division there are eight scientists; divisional research is focused on various aspects of Animal Physiology for better health and production. Research outcomes are being published regularly in highly acclaimed scientific journals of repute, division has applied two patents, one technology for the commercialization, developed a number of concepts, products, processes and technologies. These have been recognized through various awards of National and International repute. Division has received best division award for four time during the last decade and has organized forty eight refresher courses under CAS/CAFT, till date, meant for training of the faculties from different parts of the country. Students of this division are well placed in various state and central government organizations and a good number of them are carrying out research in leading research institutes in country or abroad. It is marching ahead towards the Nation building through the focused research and finer academic inputs.