BioChemistry, IVRI Izatnagar

About Biochemistry Division IVRI

Recognizing the importance of biochemical studies in life science research, the division of Biochemistry was established in 1972 during the Fifth Five year plan under the guidance of Dr. C.M. Singh, the then Director of the institute. It was realized that the basic understanding of chemical processes in the cell is essential for every student of biology. The mandate of the division since its inception is to carry out basic and applied research in the areas of animal health and production and to impart post-graduate education. At present in this division there are sixscientists. The main focus of the research has been clinical biochemistry, reproductive biochemistry, host-pathogen biology, biochemical toxicology, cancer biochemistry, membrane biochemistry and disease diagnosis. Since its inception, the division has acquired the best research, teaching and training facilities, and takes legitimate pride in teaching more than 100 post-graduate students every year offering 79 credit hours in 40 courses. Division has eight major laboratories; Clinical Diagnostic laboratory, Protein and Nucleic acid Research laboratory, Lipid Research laboratory, Enzymology laboratory, Genetic Engineering of Eukaryotic laboratory, Immunochemistry Laboratory, Carbohydrate Research laboratory, Post-Graduate laboratory and Central Instrumentation facility. The division has the distinction of conducting 15 international training courses under TCS Colombo plan, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. Research outcomes are published in highly acclaimed journals of international repute. Students of this division are well placed in various state and central government organizations and a good number of them are carrying out research in leading research institutes in country and abroad.