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About Farm Machinery & Power Workshop IVRI

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Farm Machinery & Power Workshop of the institute is a service section having a mandate to provide service and support to the different research activities of the institute while maintaining different agricultural machinery facilities. This section basically deals in the repair and maintenance of the tractors, agricultural machinery & equipments, irrigation and drinking water tube wells. The workshop is capable of carrying out major overhauling of tractors and agricultural machinery. Apart from it, the section performs operations of drinking water tube wells for maintaining round the clock drinking water supply in the campus. This section maintains the machinery & equipments used by horticulture, sanitation section and Krishi Vigyan Kendra of the institute for their effective operational works. The workshop was also involved in the fabrication and designed some ornamental structures for the beautification of the institute campus. It also provided training facility to four ITI apprentice workers on repair and maintenance of tractors & agricultural machinery.

A hand operated electric grass cutting cum lawn mower machine was designed and developed by the Farm Machinery & Power Workshop of the institute. This is a low cost low energy input grass cutting/mowing machine which basically works on impact and shear cutting of grass. The cutting blade of the machine is directly mounted on the motor shaft therefore reducing the number of components in the machine which ultimately leads to less wear and tear of the parts and breakdowns in the machine. It is a light weight machine with provisions for reduced vibrations during the operations for operator’s comfort. The machine is powered by a one horse power single phase electric motor. Six prototypes of the machine has been fabricated and distributed to different divisions and sections for the routine grass cutting of the lawns etc.