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Message from Joint Director (Academic)

Joint Directorate of Extension Education

Greetings from the ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Deemed University! As Joint Director (Academic)-cum Dean of this premier institute imparting quality education in the field of veterinary and animal sciences, I am honoured to present the brief profile of the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Deemed University. The Institute started imparting quality education and training to the Veterinarians, Civil and Military personnel as early as 1900. The Post Graduate College of Animal Sciences was established in the year 1958 and the institute received Deemed to be University status by UGC on 16thNovember 1983. During 133 glorious years of its existence, the institute has contributed immensely towards the growth of the livestock sector and food security in the country, through trained human resources, development of vaccines, diagnostics, genetic improvement, nutritional interventions and livestock products processing. The excel¬lence in research and higher education achieved by the institute, received approbation nationally and internationally. IVRI known for its excellence in post-graduate education, is a dream destination for veterinarians for their higher education. The students are trained in state of the art laboratories to make them capable of conducting high-end research in their respective fields. It also started undergraduate education in the year 2015. Besides the above courses, the institute has also been arranging short-term custom-tailored training programmes for specific needs of the trainees from India and abroad. International and national training programmes are being regularly organized for students and faculty members. The institute is consistently ranked among the top 5 Agriculture & Veterinary Science universities in the country for the past few years. Presently, the institute is offering National Diploma courses in 10 subjects, BVSc & AH degree, MVSc in 19 and PhD in 17 disciplines of Veterinary Sciences. The IVRI Deemed University has awarded 2385 National Diploma and 4570 degrees (MSc-105; MVSc-2814; PhD-1621; BVSc & AH-30) till date. At present, the intake for B.VSc & AH, M.V.Sc and Ph.D. degree programmes is 50, 153 and 110, students/year. The institute is also attracting students from countries abroad, especially from SAARC and other developing countries in the third world. The institute has contributed immensely to the development of valuable human resources in the field of veterinary sciences and presently many of them are working in different prestigious positions both inside the country and abroad. The quality of education of this institute is also reflected in the fact that the majority of the students selected in national competitions belong to IVRI. The skilled, hardworking and extremely professional faculty of this institute is the real force behind the eminence of veterinary education. A large number of faculty are trained in world-class laboratories abroad and possess vast experience and in-depth knowledge in their respective fields. The scientists, preferably young faculty and meritorious students are being sponsored for advanced trainings at foreign institutions/universities for a specified period in identified areas. We strive to produce professionals who have broad perspectives, a solid academic background, and extremely specific knowledge in veterinary and related fields. We try to inculcate leadership skills, the ability to see issues from broad, multidisciplinary perspectives, the insight and inquisitive imagination necessary to face future challenges. The students at IVRI also strive hard to acquire maximum knowledge, learn new techniques and develop research, clinical as well as teaching skills. At this national institute, students are admitted from all over India and they get a unique opportunity to know and learn about the values, culture and perspective of peers from different states, which not only enrich them intellectually, but also help them to understand problems and issues related to animal husbandry in the whole country. The goal here at IVRI is to give students the best education possible while preparing them for tomorrow's challenges to make them capable of handling the responsibilities of their professional career. The Institute has implemented many recommendations of NEP-2020 and prepared a detailed plan to implement the remaining recommendations in a phased manner. I am hopeful that in the years ahead, IVRI Deemed University will prove to be a world class institution in the field of veterinary research and education.

Dr S. K. Mendiratta

Joint Director (Academic)