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About Veterinary Science Museum

IVRI is premier veterinary science Institute but it was not having any Veterinary Science Museum till 1993. The seed of Veterinary Science Museum, IVRI Campus, Mukteswar was sown by Dr R. Somvanshi during Centenary Celebrations of Mukteswar Campus in 1993 under guidance of Col. G.S.C. Ranga Rao the then Joint Director. Later Dr P.C. Harbola, Joint Director shifted Museum in present heritage building and strengthened it and gave presentable shape. It was further strengthened and developed by Dr R. K. Singh, the than Station in Charge and others.Under direction of Dr Triveni Dutt, Director, ICAR-IVRI, Izatnagar and guidance of Dr A.K. Mohanty, Ex-Joint Director, IVRI, Campus, Mukteswar (F.No 2-2/M/JD /2022, dated 8-8-2022); Dr R. Somvanshi visited IVRI, Campus, Mukteswara number of times with sole objective of face lifting and upgrading Veterinary Science Museum of Mukteswar. The Museum is located in a small Hall in old Sterilization Laboratory in Central Office. For first time in year 2022 since establishment of this Museum in 1993; an attempt was made to plan, develop and upgrade Museum in systemic manner with specific objectives.