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Basic and strategic research for improvement of animal health for enhanced productivity

Human resource development, imparting under-graduate and post-graduate education

Dissemination of livestock production and health technologies


Harness veterinary and animal science research and education for sustainable growth in livestock sector so as to ensure food and income security.


Research and development in veterinary and animal science to promote livestock and poultry health and production, generate human resources, develop and transfer technologies to ensure livestock production systems

The priority of the Institute in organizing research activities is developing cutting-edge technologies that are effectively transferable and human resource development. The programmes encompass divisional boundaries to have inter-disciplinary approaches. Further emphasis is also given to developing partnership linkages with sister organizations for addressing priority problem-oriented collaborative research. For realization of the envisioned goals and objectives and translation into corresponding programmes of the institute, the major identified thrust areas of research are as under:

  • Self-reliance in cutting–edge and frontier technologies in research and human resource development.
  • Development of quick and precise methodologies including kits for diagnosis of diseases/ conditions, package of practices for optimum animal health.
  • Surveillance, creation of data bank and forecasting system of animal diseases.
  • IVRI Products Improvement of immunoprophylactics, use of biotechnological tools in evolving vaccines for important diseases of livestock and poultry.
  • Pet animal health and disease management.
  • Disaster management for livestock through multidisciplinary approach.
  • Genetic studies on disease resistance in domestic species of livestock.
  • Monitoring and surveillance of drugs, pesticides, mycotoxins and microbial residues in livestock and livestock products.
  • Pharmacological evaluation of herbs/plant products and promotion of ethno-veterinary medicine
  • Harnessing techniques for in vitro fertilization, cloning of embryos and research on transgenic animals and stem cells.
  • IVRI Products Development of economic diets and nutrition for health and wellbeing of farm animals and pets.
  • Processing and preservation of meat and development of value-added meat products.
  • Farming systems based research and extension activities for livestock-buffalo, cattle, goat, sheep and pigs.
  • Evaluation, refinement and transfer of technologies.
  • Livestock economics, creation of databases for livestock and related statistics, impact analysis and market intelligence