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NEP-2020 – Initiatives

Multiple entry and Multiple Exit (MEME)

Implemented Multiple Entry and Multiple Exist (MEME) in the Post Graduate Programme (MVSc & PhD).

Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)

The Institute has registered with ABC platform, and the majority of the students have generated Academic Bank ID.

Creative Combination of Discipline (CCD)


Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

Already Implemented.


Implemented from 2021-22.

Integration with Vocational Education

  • Initiated 68 need based vocational courses for diverse stakeholders.
  • Increasing GER – Increased 25% seats in UG, PG and PhD programs from 2022-2023.
  • Resource Generation – The fee has been revised, and the provision of paid and NRI/ OCI seats.

Best Practices - NEP 2020