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Joint Directorate Research Building, IVRI Izatnagar

Institute Funded Research Projects


  • Formalin inactivated polyvalent vaccine against poultry salmonellosis.
    Project InvestigatorDr Prasad Thomas
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionMay-24


  • Development of combined PCV2 and PPV vaccine candidate and multiplex diagnostic assary for economically omportant and emerging procine viral pathogens.
    Project InvestigatorDr Vikramaditya Upmanyu
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionNov-22
  • Development of alternate potency tests and vaccine candidate for Infections Bursal Disease Immunecomplex (IBD_Icx) vaccine.
    Project InvestigatorDr Shyma K. Latheef
    Start DateSep-22 CompletionAug-25


  • Genetic characterization of Lumpy skin disease virus and host immune response in natural infections.
    Project InvestigatorDr S. K. Biswas
    Start DateJun-22 CompletionMay-24
  • Patho-epidemiology and evaluation of suitable laboratory animal models for canine adenovirus infections in dogs.
    Project InvestigatorDr M. Saminathan
    Start DateJun-22 CompletionJul-25


  • Herbal antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance in animal and human Brucella isolates.
    Project InvestigatorDr D.K. Sinha
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Spatio-temporal epidemiology and economic impact of lumpy skin disease (LSD) outbreaks in India
    Project InvestigatorDr Vinodh Kumar O.R
    Start DateSep-22 CompletionAug-24


  • Adaptation of the primary cell culture attenuates vaccine candidate of duck enteritis virus in established cell line and assessment of its immunologenicity.
    Project InvestigatorDr S. Dandapat
    Start DateSep-19 CompletionMar-23
  • Assessing the role of trained immunity in augmentation of vaccine mediated immune response in chickens.
    Project InvestigatorDr M. K. Singh
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-24


  • Assessing efficacy of different immunosuppressant drugs in canine pemphigus complex.
    Project InvestigatorDr R Raguvaran
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Exploring the therapeutic uses of whole blood and blood products for various hematologic disorders and sepsis in farm animals.
    Project InvestigatorDr Mahendran K
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Ameliorative potential of certain essential oils mastitis.
    Project InvestigatorDr Ujjwal Kumar De
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Development of polymer fabricated plant material embedded dressing materials for enhanced medical treatment of wound in rat.
    Project InvestigatorDr R Raguvaran
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Explore and tailor for safeguarding health management addressing ageing for health longevity.
    Project InvestigatorDr Umesh Dimri
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24


  • Survellance and genotyping of Trichinella sp. infecting domestic oigs and wild animals in India.
    Project InvestigatorDr Hira Ram
    Start DateJun-22 CompletionMay-24
  • Molecular characterization of some of the immunodominant genes of Echinococcus granulosus and evaluation of their sero-diagnostic potential in animals.
    Project InvestigatorDr S. Samanta
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24


  • Pathoepidemiology of bovine adenovirus in respiratory disease complex in ruminants
    Project InvestigatorDr Vidya Singh
    Start DateSep-22 CompletionAug-24
  • Characterization of the exosomes secreted by canine mammary tumours and their role in tumour progression.
    Project InvestigatorDr Pawan Kumar
    Start DateSep-22 CompletionAug-24


  • Assessment of some selected drugs for repurposing efficacy against cardiac injury.  
    Project InvestigatorDr T.U. Singh
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Determination of the receptor isoform involved in uterine response to leptin in primary mouse myometrial cells.
    Project InvestigatorDr S. Parida
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Evaluation of maternal, fetal and postnatal reproductive effect of oral gestational exposure of ethion in rats and its amelioration by green synthesized oxide nanoparticales.
    Project InvestigatorDr Aneesha V A
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-23
  • A Confirmatory preclinical study to assess the healing potential of some promising herbal preparations in cutaneous wound model in guinea pigs.
    Project InvestigatorDr Anshuk Sharma
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-23
  • Assessment of Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) and Vitex negundo (Nirgundi) in LPS-induced acute lung injury.
    Project InvestigatorDr Meemansha Sharma
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-24


  • Role of fucosylation on corneal wound healing and sub-epithelial fibrosis.
    Project InvestigatorDr Aswathy Gopinathan
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionSep-22


  • Development of Inbred Strain of Mice using Swiss-albino    out bred Strain as foundation stock.
    Project InvestigatorDr Pushpendra Kumar
    Start DateAug-17 CompletionJul-22
  • Sequence based typing of BoLA- class II genes and production performance of cattle infected with FMDV under natural conditions.
    Project InvestigatorDr Ajay Kumar Sharma
    Start DateSep-19 CompletionAug-22
  • Effect of QTL flanking STR variants on traits of economic importance in cattle.
    Project InvestigatorDr Subodh Kumar
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Exploring selection signatures in Tharparkar cattle using statistical and machine learning approaches.
    Project InvestigatorDr Manjit Panigrahi
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Genetic evaluation of clinical mastitis Vrindavani cattle.
    Project InvestigatorDr Bharat Bhushan
    Start DateAug-19 CompletionAug-21
  • Genetic basis of Vaccine response against Brucellosis in indigenous and crossbred cattle.
    Project InvestigatorDr Sheikh Firdous Ahmad
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-24


  • Evaluation of synergism of probiotics and essential oils in neonatal calves for augmenting gut health and performance
    Project InvestigatorDr Anju Kala
    Start DateSep-22 CompletionAug-24
  • Evaluation of natural farming practices for sustainable and chemical free farming system.
    Project InvestigatorDr Om Singh
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-23
  • Evaluation of synergism of probiotics and essential oils in neonatal claves for augmenting gut health and performance.
    Project InvestigatorDr Anju Kala
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionSep-22
  • Exploring potential of palm sterin (a by product of plam oil refining industry) in milk production from dairy buffaloes.
    Project InvestigatorDr Vishwa Bandhu Chaturvedi
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-24
  • Exploring the potential of tropical red seaweeds based formulation as feed supplement for dogs.
    Project InvestigatorDr Asit Das
    Start DateApr-22 CompletionMar-24


  • Quality embryos and superior calves production using MOET & OPU-IVF-ET platform in indigenous cattle.
    Project InvestigatorDr Brijesh Kumar
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-23
  • Design and Development of Indigenous intravaginal drug releasing device in domestic ruminants
    Project InvestigatorDr Brijesh Kumar
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-23


  • “Multiplication and evaluation of synthetic crossbred cattle strain–Vrindavani”
    Project InvestigatorDr Gyanendra Kumar Gaur
    Start DateApr-06 CompletionLong term
  • Development of an Intelligent system for determining pig live weight.
    Project InvestigatorDr Ayon Tarafdar
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Strategies for induction of estrus and optimization of breeding time in sub-estrus buffaloes.
    Project InvestigatorDr Manas Kumar Patra
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-23
  • Optimizing weaning-stress-perturbed gut health functions, psychosocial stress response and performance of piglets with essential oils and organic acids.
    Project InvestigatorDr Vivek joshi
    Start DateNov-22 CompletionOct-24


  • Market assessment of consumer preferences of meat and meat products with special reference to poultry and interventional approaches for quality assurance.
    Project InvestigatorDr Suman Talukder
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Production and evaluation of multifunctional food ingredient from poultry by-products.
    Project InvestigatorDr Devendra Kumar
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-23
  • Development of dying methodology for intact whole buffalo offals for pet food.
    Project InvestigatorDr Tanbir Ahmad
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Development a grading system for live and their carcasses for domestic and trade.
    Project InvestigatorDr I Prince Devadason
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionSep-22
  • Value addition of whey and ghee residue
    Project InvestigatorDr Geeta Chauhan
    Start DateSep-19 CompletionSep-22
  • Development of novel bioactive blended functional meat products with extended shelf life.
    Project InvestigatorDr Sagar Chand
    Start DateJun-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Development of laboratory and filed based test for differentiation of slaughtered and dead poultry meat.
    Project InvestigatorDr Suman Talukder
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-24
  • Production, Characterization and evaluation of novel anti-diabetic collagen hydrolysate and collagen-hydrolysate chromium from buffalo hide.
    Project InvestigatorDr Tanbir Ahmad
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-24

Physiology & Climatology

  • Modulation of Wnt signalling pathway in mesenchymal stem cells for regulating the osteogenic differentiation infracture model.
    Project InvestigatorDr Yasotha Thirupathi
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionSep-22
  • A predictive modeling for milk production loss in indigenous and crossbred cattle based on the meteorological variable.
    Project InvestigatorDr Hari Abdul Samad
    Start DateDec-20 CompletionNov-22


  • Role Of Ethanolamine utilization transcriptional regulator in pathogenesis of salmonella Tryphimurium.
    Project InvestigatorDr Ajay Kumar
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-24
  • Elucidating the role of alpha synuclein (SNCA) and cholesterol on regulating the P2RX7 pore dilation.
    Project InvestigatorDr Mukesh Kumar
    Start DateJun-22 CompletionMay-24
  • Assessment of cytosolic lipid droplets and its associated protein, perilipins on cancer growth and progression in caninemammary tumour (CMT)
    Project InvestigatorDr Irungbam karuna Devi
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-24


  • Documentation of toxic plants for dairy animals and assessing its socio-economic implications on the livelihood of farmers in Rohikhand region of Uttar Pradesh
    Project InvestigatorDr Shruti
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionOct-22
  • Vulnerability and Adaptation strategies of livestock owners to climate in Terai region of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.  
    Project InvestigatorDr Madan Singh
    Start DateNov-22 CompletionOct-25
  • Development and assessment of conversational virtual agents “Chatbots” for improving livestock, pet and poultry health & production.
    Project InvestigatorDr Rupasi Tiwari
    Start DateSep-22 CompletionAug-25
  • Enhancing livelihood security of rural youth through livestock based module under Schedule Caste Sub Plan (SCSP).
    Project InvestigatorDr B P Singh
    Start DateDec-22 CompletionNov-24


  • Assessment of economic losses due to delayed conception among cattle and buffaloes in India.
    Project InvestigatorDr Dinesh Kumar
    Start DateMar-21 CompletionFeb-23
  • Meta-Analysis on Prevalence of Important Livestock Parasitic Diseases.
    Project InvestigatorDr Med Ram Verma
    Start DateDec-20 CompletionNov-22


  • An ionic liquid-buffer for long-term storage of inactivated Foot and mouth disease virus
    Project InvestigatorDr Sanjeev Kumar Bhure
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Evaluation of protective efficacy of negative marker trivalent foot and mouth disease vaccine in cattle.
    Project InvestigatorDr Suresh Basagoudanavar
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Improving the livelihood security of Soliga tribes in Chamarajnagar District of Karnataka: Scientific intervention of Livestock based farming system.
    Project InvestigatorDr B H Manjunatha Patel
    Start Date Completion
  • Improving the livelihood security of Scheduled Caste population by continuous capacity building on livestock rearing in peri urban and livestock-based farming in rural areas of Karnataka
    Project InvestigatorDr B H Manjunatha Patel
    Start Date Completion


  • Quality improvement of animal products through nano-emulsions based delivery of bioactive.
    Project InvestigatorDr Arun Kr Das
    Start DateDec-20 CompletionMar-23
  • Improvement of livelihood of tribal farmers through input-cum-extension supports and propagation of small ruminant breeds.
    Project InvestigatorDr Tapas Kumar Biswas
    Start DateDec-20 CompletionMar-23
  • Prevalence of Bovine Infertility problem in Lower Indo-Gangetic plain and it’s amelioration.
    Project InvestigatorDr Goutam Kumar Das
    Start DateDec-20 CompletionNov-22
  • Expressional analysis of certain antimicrobial peptides (AMP) in canine mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).
    Project InvestigatorDr S Bag
    Start DateDec-20 CompletionNov-22
  • Prevalence of antibiotic resistant Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coil in retail poultry and its public health significance.
    Project InvestigatorDr Suresh Chandra Das
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Monitoring of arsenic status through food chain and toxicoepidmiology studies in Gangatic belt in West Bengal.
    Project InvestigatorDr Dayamoy Mondal
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-23
  • Anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex (MTBC) antibodies in cow milk: A non-invasive diagnostic approach to detect bovine tuberculosis.
    Project InvestigatorDr Premanshu Dandapat
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-24
  • Therapeutic potential of fortified plant-derived oil and herbo-metallic nanodurg in healing of the skin infection and skin carcinoma assocated with drug-resistant pathogens.
    Project InvestigatorDr Samiran Bandyopadhyay
    Start DateAug-22 CompletionAug-24
  • Development of new born piglet care unit to control pre-weaning mortality.
    Project InvestigatorDr Syamal Naskar
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Promotion of proven animal husbandry practices and backyard poultry farming among poor scheduled caste families for sustainable income generation
    Project InvestigatorDr Goutam Kumar Das
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-25
  • Improving the livelihoods of small holder farmers through scientific pig farming: An integrated, people-centered approach of IVRI in north-eastern hilly region of India
    Project InvestigatorDr P. K. Nanda
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-25


  • Assessing the resilience capacity of local hill goat (Chaugarkha) to different seasons in temperate climate of Uttarakhand.
    Project InvestigatorDr Madhusoodan A.P.
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionSep-22
  • Study of ovarian and endocrine dynamics in the native hill goat of Uttarakhand.
    Project InvestigatorDr Nitish Singh Kharayat
    Start DateOct-20 CompletionSep-22
  • Understanding the role of autophagy in the host-pathogen interaction of LSDV in vitro.
    Project InvestigatorDr Siddharth Gautam
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-24
  • Evaluation of adaptability, productivity and nutritive value of fodder grasses and legumes in temperate region of Uttarakhand.
    Project InvestigatorDr Nidhi sharma
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-24
  • Detection of selection signatures in Chaugarkha goat
    Project InvestigatorDr Indrasen Chauhan
    Start DateApr-22 CompletionMar-23


  • Investigations into bioactive properties of Gaddi goat milk protein hydrolysates.
    Project InvestigatorDr G. Mal
    Start DateNov-20 CompletionApr-23
  • Development and evaluation of agro-waste based feed techonolgy nd its effects on the overall performance of goats.
    Project InvestigatorDr Gauri Jairath
    Start DateSep-19 CompletionAug-22
  • Evaluation of Starch-Based Multi-nutrient supplement for Improving Productive & Reproduction Performance of Gaddi Goats.
    Project InvestigatorDr Birbal Singh
    Start DateJul-22 CompletionJun-24
  • Improving Livelihood security of Selection Scheduled Castes Livestock owners through scientific interventions.
    Project InvestigatorDr Birbal Singh
    Start DateApr-22 CompletionMar-25
  • Role of small ruminants rearing by BPL ST farmers to improve livelihood in Himachal Pradesh.
    Project InvestigatorDr Uma Shankar Pati
    Start DateAug-22 CompletionJul-25


  • Backyard Poultry farming: Sustainable livelihood Resource to Poor SC Farmers of Maharashtra.
    Project InvestigatorDr Sanghratna V. Bahire
    Start DateOct-22 CompletionSep-25


  • Evaluation of primary neuron cell culture as in vitro latency model for Bovine Herpesvirus 1
    Project InvestigatorDr Deepika Bisht
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-24
  • Evaluation of safety and efficacy of live attenuated LSDV and GTPV vaccines in cattle
    Project InvestigatorDr Amit Kumar
    Start DateMay-22 CompletionApr-23