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Research Thrust Areas at IVRI Izatnagar

Thrust Area

Animal Health and Welfare

  • Next generation genomic platforms for vaccines and diagnostics
  • Research on host-pathogen interaction and its modulation for improving existing immuno-prophylactics for important animal diseases
  • Monitoring and surveillance of animal diseases (endemic/exotic) and their forecasting
  • Antimicrobial resistance and alternate antimicrobials
  • Affordable indigenous herbal therapeutics for veterinary practice
  • Stem cell research for animal health and production
  • R&D on Alternate Models to replace animal use for QC of vaccines
  • Generation, collation and of whole genome sequence data of epidemiologically important pathogens using ‘Big data’ platform

Animal Genetic Resources

  • Genetic improvement of indigenous livestock species and their propagation

Animal Nutrition

  • Low cost livestock ration formulation using locally available resources
  • Nutritional modules for intensive rearing
  • Exploring newer feed resources from agro-industrial waste
  • Development of resource-based region specific feeding modules/feed additives
  • Nutritional module for Improving fertility in immune-compromised animals.
  • Nutritional supplements for value addition in milk and milk products
  • Develop national level feed resource availability-deficit database

Animal Physiology and Reproduction

  • Fast multiplication of elite bulls and milch animals through genomic selection and biotechnological tools like cloning and assisted reproductive technologies
  • Improving field/farm AI rates
  • Selective female embryo production technology in livestock
  • Advancing puberty and reducing inter calving period (ICP) in cattle and buffalo
  • Physiological and epigenetic impact of climate change on small ruminants
  • Poly-herbal and anti-microbial /antioxidant formulations for enhancing fertility.

Livestock Management and Improvement

  • Precision Livestock farming
  • Enhancing nutrient utilization and economic feeding strategies
  • Mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change
  • Sustainable livestock faming including organic farming and farm waste management
  • Farmer friendly digital tools for technology dissemination

Post-harvest Management and Value addition

  • Food safety and value addition to livestock and poultry products.