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Biological Products Building, ICAR - IVRI Izatnagar

Biological Products

Charges of diagnostic reagents and sera with minimum packing Rates in Rs

S.No. Product Minimum Packing Price(in Rs.)
1. Tuberculin (Bovine) PPD 10 doses 60.00
2. Johnin PPD 10 doses 60.00
3. Brucella abortus Serum Agglutination Test (SAT) antigen 250ml 400.00
4. Abortus Bang Ring / MRT Antigen 20 ml 200.00
5. Rose Bengal Plate Test Antigen (RBPT) 20 ml 380.00
6. Salmonella pullorum plain antigen 250 ml 280.00
7. Salmonella pullorum coloured antigen 20 ml 400.00
8. Salmonella abortus equi 'H' antigen 250 ml 750.00
9. Brucella abortus positive serum 01 ml 100.00
10. Salmonella pullorum Positive serum 01 ml 100.00
11. Salmonella Poly "O" Sera 01 ml 100.00
* Plus tax as applicable

Rates for Supply of CulturesRates in Rs

# Supply Type Prices
1. Research-Teaching Institute Rs. 7500/- for bacterial strain per ampoules and Rs. 15000/- per ampoule for virus and parasite + GST
2. State Veterinary Biological Units Rs. 15000/- per ampoule bacterial culture
Rs. 20000/- per ampoule for viral culture
3. Private Veterinary Manufacturers Rs. 75000/- per ampoule bacterial culture
Rs. 90000/- per ampoule for viral culture
4. Foreign bacterial and viral culture Foreign @US1500 for bacterial and viral culture
  • Demand of extra virus/bacterial cultures for the technology which has already been transferred shall be Rs.1,80,000/- with proper justifications.
  • MoU shall be mandatory for all virus, bacterial & other cultures with proper justifications.
  • Plus tax as applicable

For more information please Contact:

  • Head
    Division of Biological Products
    ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute,
    Bareilly (UP) - 24311[at]ivri[dot]res[dot]in
    +91 581-2301940(M)

Terms & Conditions

  1. IGST will be charged @12% on supply outside UP.
  2. SGST @6% and CGST @6% will be charged on supply within UP.
  3. Packing & forwarding charges will be extra.
  4. Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.
  5. After receiving advance payment, supply will be made on availability of stock, please.
  6. The payment of the bill/invoice may be made by Bank Draft payable at State Bank of India, C.A.R.I. Branch, Bareilly, UP (S.B.I. Code No.7027), in the name of Head, Division of Biological Products, IVRI, Izatnagar without deducting the remittance charges.
  7. Please mention No. and date of our bill/invoice while sending payment.
  8. The Biological Products are supplied at indenter’s risk, there will be no responsibility of this Institute for the loss/damage caused during transit due to breakage/shortage booked by rail/Postal/Airlines ceases when the goods are handed over to the transportation authority viz. Postal/Railway/Airlines.
  9. Balance amount left with us will be adjusted in your next demand for supply of the Biological Products. Please quote the number and date of this bill in your next demand so that balance can be adjusted. In case the balance amount is required to be refunded, original receipt issued by this institute may be furnished along with request for the refund. If the original receipt is not traceable the following certificate may be given:
    1. Certified that the original receipt is not readily available & no claim will be made, if found at a later date.
    2. Certified that the amount has not been claimed before.
  10. Only defense Department of Govt. of India need to remit payment by cheque payable at State Bank of India, CARI, Izatnagar (S.B.I. Caode No.7027) and the controller of Defense Account may be informed accordingly by the indenter.
  11. All rates are F.O.R. Izatnagar, Bareilly, UP.